Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Update Crash twist

Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Update Crash twist

Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Update Crash twist. Aradhna, Harsh, and Bhakti visit Reyansh’s house to plead with his family to reason with him as they believe he has lost his mind. Harsh is adamant that Aradhna cannot marry Reyansh. However, a young boy appears and shows Aradhna his hands which bear the combined names of Reyansh and Aradhna. This makes her uncomfortable. Later that day, Bhakti talks to someone on the phone and asks them to find a suitable match for Aradhna as she plans to get married right after Diwali.

Overhearing this, Aradhna becomes heartbroken and quietly utters Bhakti’s name in pain. She then looks at her in shock, knowing that Bhakti is aware of how hurt she is. Despite Bhakti’s attempts to explain her intentions, Aradhna refuses to listen and expresses her disappointment. A furious Aradhna storms over to Reyansh’s house in the dead of night. She beckons him into the car, and he willingly obliges, without questioning her destination. Aradhna speeds down the road with determination, but it doesn’t faze Reyansh as he is captivated by her intense expression.


Aradhna finally breaks her silence, expressing that due to Reyansh’s persistent behavior, she has decided to end everything once and for all. Reyansh concurs, adding that if they cannot coexist in this world, then they should leave it altogether. Without responding to his statement, Aradhna drives directly towards a moving truck and abruptly turns the car sideways. A loud crash resounds as their vehicle sways back and forth. Will Aradhna and Reyansh meet with a massive accident? Keep reading.

Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Update Crash twist:

Aradhna inquiring about Reyansh’s activities leads to an argument between the two. Threatening to involve the police, she exclaims that she will inform his father of her sister’s death being caused by him. He denies any involvement and asks her not to falsely accuse him or torment him with anger. Interrupting her, he suggests putting aside their differences and enjoying the moment, as there is no one else for her while he is still alive. Refusing to back down, she warns him of consequences if he continues to behave recklessly and stay away from her. He counters that love thrives amidst conflicts and notices Bhakti’s presence before cordially greeting her. Offering shagun (gift) for his family, he bids farewell to Aradhna who leaves with a final act of pride inherited from her mother. Amused by this display, he indulges in some laddoos while continuing his jubilant dance routine.

Aradhna considers her options, stating that she will observe his actions. Bhakti interrupts by suggesting that Aradhna disregard his presence completely. Harsh agrees that it would be wise to not react and focus on their own work. Aradhna supports this idea and proceeds to make a call, informing the person on the other end that she has returned to Delhi in search for job opportunities. She mentions having an interview and Bhakti reassures her, stating that the person who caused Aradhna distress does not deserve her attention. Praying for success, Aradhna patiently waits her turn. She reminds herself of the importance of securing a new job. As she approaches to submit her portfolio, she is taken aback by the sight of Jai.

She immediately brings up their previous conversation and Jai explains that he couldn’t bear leaving her alone as a friend, so he came to support her. However, Aradhna hesitates due to his unexpected feelings for her. Jai tries to convince her by highlighting his good qualities as a boss and promises to keep things strictly professional between them. Ultimately, she accepts his offer and they shake hands as colleagues. Grateful for the opportunity, Aradhna thanks him sincerely. Harsh reveals that everyone expects the marriage to take place, and we need to figure out how to protect Aradhna. Shortly after, Reyansh approaches her, but she brushes him off and leaves. Jai informs Aradhna about the situation, explaining that it could also impact the upcoming election.

He assures her that he won’t pressure her to focus on trivial gossip pieces. However, Aradhna can’t help but think of Reyansh as he calls her, asking about potential wedding attire and suggesting they coordinate outfits. Her response is a stern refusal. Undeterred, Reyansh persists with questions about what dress style she will choose for the ceremony. She eventually snaps at him and instructs him to drop the topic entirely. He reminds her of their marriage’s fast-approaching date in fourteen days and cautions her not to be in front of Jai because his horoscope predestines that he will bring bad luck to anyone near him. Additionally, Reyansh expresses frustration over Jai’s exclusive story now being commonplace due to airing on their channel as well. In response, Jai grows irate and demands answers from his team on who leaked the news to Reyansh because he cannot understand how. Reyansh texts Jai and informs that he has hacked the latter’s phone.

Frustrated, Jai hurls his phone and storms off. Meanwhile, Reyansh blasts the song in his car. Aradhna approaches Jai and questions if he will continue to support Reyansh’s destructive behavior, which is putting Jai’s own career at risk. Aradhna insists that they come up with a better strategy because they cannot afford to fail. To this, Jai points out that their relationship with Reyansh is toxic. Nonetheless, Aradhna remains adamant that it will not work out and urges Jai to find a better solution. Together, they manage to secure an investor and prepare a compelling story. When it’s time for the news announcement, they excitedly play it for everyone to see.

However, their joy turns sour when they see that the sponsor ad features Reyansh and Aradhna’s marriage invite. The girls congratulate Aradhna while she cries and laments over having to move from one city to another due to her impending marriage with Reyansh. Aradhna receives a call from Jagruti, who urgently requests her presence at home. Concerned, Aradhna inquires about the situation, to which Jai also asks for clarification. Aradhna then reveals that she must go home, to which Jai offers to come along. Meanwhile, their neighbors notice the gifts and jewelry Reyansh has given Aradhna and praise their relationship. However, Aradhna suspects that Reyansh will continue to cause trouble for her and her family.

Aradhna receives a call from Reyansh, who requests for the bridal clothes to be prepared. She then inquires with Harsh if a wedding date has been set, but he responds that neither of them have made a decision. Frustrated, Aradhna suggests filing a police complaint. However, Jagruti intervenes and proposes seeking assistance from a social worker instead. As they arrive at the boutique, Jagruti pleads not to be scolded. Reyansh appears and prevents any arguments from escalating. Bhakti suggests Aradhna gets married to Jai, only to save her from toxic Reyansh.


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