GHKKPM 20th November 2023 Written Update Evil plot

GHKKPM 20th November 2023 Written Update Evil plot

GHKKPM 20th November 2023 Written Update Evil plot. Surekha is determined to not let her nightmare become a reality. She shares with Isha that she will do whatever it takes to prevent her from winning, even if it means using Durva. The next day, Durva heads to college, and Nishikant and Yashwant are relieved to see her coming to terms with her grief. Meanwhile, Savi is busy directing her team for the upcoming festival and finalizing the preparations. While at college, Durva overhears Savi mentioning that she wants Isha to judge the competition and also learns about Savi’s participation in another competition. Durva can’t help but think that from now on, Savi will only face defeat.

Durva breaks the news to Surekha that Savi has invited Isha to judge a competition at their college. She also mentions Savi’s participation in a play at the same event but assures Surekha that she will ensure Savi’s defeat. Surekha is furious upon hearing Isha’s name and informs Durba that she will not allow Isha to judge the college fest. Meanwhile, Yashwant, Shantanu, Ishaan, and Nishikant are discussing the final preparations for the fest when Shantanu notices Isha’s name on the list of judges.


Yashwant is taken aback by this and demands to know who added her name there. Shantanu explains that it was suggested by the organizing committee, while Nishikant adds that having Isha at the fest would benefit their college. This change in Nishikant’s attitude surprises both Yashwant and Ishaan. At the same time, Surekha confidently tells Durva that not only will Isha not come to the fest, but Savi also won’t win the competition. Will Surekha’s determination turn her words into reality? Keep reading for a full written update on GHKKPM 20th November 2023.

GHKKPM 20th November 2023 Written Update Evil plot:

Durva informs Surekha that regardless of assistance, she intends to make Savi’s life a living nightmare. She plans to put Savi in her place during the college’s cultural festival. Surekha stands by Durva’s side and assures her that she will not allow anyone to hinder her actions. Mandar inquires what they were discussing and Samrudh states that he seeks revenge on Savi for every blow she gave him and intends to make her life unbearable. Mandar suggests getting someone else to kill Savi, but Samrudh rejects the idea and decides to torment her until she begs for death. When Mandar asks how he intends to do so, Samrudh responds that he will target her most vulnerable spot.

Durva complains to Surekha that Savi ruined her happiness and now must face their wrath. Agreeing with Durva, Surekha shares her plans for seeking revenge against both Savi and Isha. Ishaan informs Anvi about Savi’s determined nature in seeking justice, regardless of the outcome. As Savi gazes at a photo of her parents, she expresses her gratitude towards Ishaan for believing in her and standing by her side when others didn’t. She acknowledges that he is unlike anyone else. Recalling Savi’s past troubles with Durva, Ishaan mentions how she still managed to save Durva’s life. Anvi simply nods in agreement. Ishaan praises Savi and finds her unique and amazing. Savi calls up Isha and asks her if she can come to meet her. Isha permits her to come over for breakfast. Ishaan happens to meet Savi. He says that he wanted to speak to her. He thanks her for saving Durva.

He tells that she didn’t let Durva’s life get ruined. He asks her to reply. She accepts his thank you. She tells that she can’t see fraud happening with any girl. She has succeeded in exposing a devil. He applauds her bravery. He tells that he got a thank-you gift for her. He gifts her some plants. He brings a smile to her face. She likes the plants. She thanks him. He tells that he wanted to give the gift personally. She asks if she can give a plant to Isha. She tells that Isha had gathered the evidence against Samrudh. He asks her to do anything she wants. He gets upset. She thinks he can’t even stay happy for five minutes. She meets Isha, who thanks her for fighting for truth and saving Durva’s life.

Isha cares for Durva. Savi asks her to not thank her. She gives the credit to Isha. She gifts her a plant. Isha gets pleased. Savi adds that Ishaan came to visit her this morning and gave her plants as a gift. She believes that amidst the chaos of the universe, there is a special bond between a mother and son. Isha confirms that she knows what Ishaan must have told her, and Savi is hoping for something that seems impossible. Knowing that Isha holds a high position in the education department and is an excellent professor, Savi invites her to be a judge at tomorrow’s cultural festival.

However, Isha expresses concern that Ishaan and the Bhosales may not approve of it. Nevertheless, Savi reassures Isha not to worry about it. Yashwant asks Nishikant to personally invite all the guests on the list. Shantanu reminds him to also check the judges’ list to avoid any confusion or remove any names if necessary. Ishaan is taken aback when he sees Isha’s name on the list and requests for it to be removed as he does not want her in his college as it will make him uncomfortable. Despite this, he remembers how highly Savi spoke of Isha and clarifies that he doesn’t have an issue with her presence; he simply does not want her to speak to him.

Shantanu asks Ishaan to remove Isha’s name. Ishaan remembers Savi’s words. He lets Isha’s name stay on the list. He tells that he has no problem with Isha. Nishikant gets glad, while Shantanu seems upset. Surekha asks Shikha about the college fest invitation cards. Shikha replies that Durva collected the cards. Surekha goes to Durva. She finds Durva spoiling the cards in anger. She asks why did she write Ishavi on the cards. She gets angry and asks Durva not to Ishaan and Savi’s names. Durva says that its Isha and Savi, who are always together.

Durva tells Surekha that Shantanu and others have permitted Isha to become the judge in the college fest. Surekha can’t let Savi invite Isha. Durva says that it’s not in Surekha’s control. She brainwashes Surekha against Savi. Surekha gets enraged. Savi is happy that Isha is becoming the judge. Surekha pledges to stop Savi from winning the competition. She tells Durva that Isha will never judge the fest. Ishaan welcomes the students to the grand fest. He says that the fest will run for a week. Yashwant messages Surekha. Ishaan motivates the students with a remarkable speech. He requests Yashwant to inaugurate the fest. Yashwant lights the diya and unveils the fest banner.

The students clap for him. ?Yashwant addresses the students, while Surekha is seen away at some place. Ishaan announces the teams and the team members. Durva feels angry seeing Savi on the stage. The four teams head for the competition. Savi gets praised for her efforts. Savi says that its teamwork. She waits for Isha. Ishaan explains the rules to them. Isha reaches the college but gets blocked by Surekha. They get into a war of words. Surekha asks her to get out of the college. Isha shows the official invite. She says that Yashwant and Ishaan have signed on it. Surekha scolds her for leaving her son. She tears the invite. She insults Isha. Isha gets depressed. Ishaan and Savi have a moment.


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