Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Update Jhanak’s tough journey

Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Update Jhanak's tough journey

Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Update Jhanak’s tough journey. Jhanak takes a boat ride and requests the man to create a bouquet for her. However, he responds by saying that she must pay for it. Promising to give the money in two days, she thanks him and departs. Her uncle inquires about Jhanak’s whereabouts from her mother Urvashi, who informs him that she has gone to college. He probes further. Urvashi advises him to let Jhanak focus on her exams. As they converse, Dadi interrupts them, reminding them of Shrishti’s impending arrival and instructing them to ensure her well-being during her stay.

The conversation shifts to Arshi and her fiancĂ© Anirudh’s visit. Meanwhile, Arya arrives and greets everyone. Dadi chimes in, commenting on how the contrast between Shrishti and Urvashi has flourished. She reminds Urvashi of how she was orphaned and taken in by their family. Urvashi sheds tears, noticing a couple on the boat adjacent to theirs. Curiosity takes over Jhanak as she inquires about their pre-wedding photoshoot. She then proceeds to offer them the pink roses bouquet, with an exchange of 100rs. Revealing her reason for doing such work, Jhanak explains that she needs to support her mother and pay her college fees.


Impressed by her hardworking attitude, the man agrees to purchase two bouquets from her instead. With gratitude, Jhanak gives a rose and questions their whereabouts to which the girl replies Kolkata. The conversation shifts as they discuss Shrishti and Vinayak’s arrival while urging Arshi to call Anirudh. At Anirudh’s house, there is a lot of talk about Arya’s upcoming wedding. Anirudh’s parents argue and urge Bhabhi to keep a mentally challenged Appu away from them. As Appu continues to cry, Anirudh notices and rushes over to console her with a hug.

He reveals that he has planned a special surprise for her – a gift from Kashmir, but it must remain a secret between them as it is truly beautiful. Jhanak stops midway on getting a reminder and sits down to have her meal. Urvashi simply replies that she will do whatever it takes for the sake of Jhanak. A man then arrives with some food, saying it was sent by Tejas with the request to eat quietly. Jhanak follows the man’s instructions and proceeds to eat the food. Unbeknownst to her, Tejas is watching her on a video call and becomes furious as she sets aside some of the food for her dog. Anirudh’s family welcomes Arshi and her parents into their home for the puja.

After a brief conversation, Shrishti starts throwing tantrums. Appu calls out for Anirudh and playfully reminds him of the gift he promised her. Anirudh assures her that he will get it. Jhanak runs late for her class as her friend waits for her at college. When she finally arrives and apologizes to the teacher, she receives a scolding for being late once again and is warned that she may not be able to sit for exams if it continues. The teacher reminds her that this will be the last time she can receive attendance for coming to class on time. Upon reaching Kashmir with Anirudh, Arshi and his family enjoy their time. Shrishti inquires about Urvashi’s well-being.

Shrishti comments on how Jhanak is following in her mother’s footsteps and may even surpass her one day. Moving on to the topic of studies, the teacher announces that the Kashmir festival will begin tomorrow and invites students interested in participating to submit their names. Jhanak enjoys dancing with her friends while Anirudh sings and dances with Arshi. Unfortunately, Jhanak gets hit by a car and falls. Anirudh checks on Arshi’s well-being before reprimanding Jhanak for her carelessness. A heated argument ensues between them, but an understanding Arshi intervenes and assures everyone of her safety, after which Anirudh demands an apology from Jhanak.


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