YRKKH 20th November 2023 Written Update Akshara storms

YRKKH 20th November 2023 Written Update Akshara storms

YRKKH 20th November 2023 Written Update Akshara storms. Ruhi questions the source of the gift and Surekha reveals it is from the Poddar family, who have proposed marriage to Rohit for her. Manish inquires why Ruhi is not interested in marrying Rohit, and she explains that she is in love with someone else. Manish then asks about her significant other, to which Ruhi replies that it is a new relationship and requests some time before sharing or making any decisions. At the same time, Armaan sends Ruhi a voice message, saying he will take her out for their first date after a crucial case, and privately plans on proposing to her on that day.

Manish turns to Swarna and questions if she is aware of this situation, expressing concern. Swarna expresses her fear of intense love, which can cut through anything with its sharp edges. Manish compares love to a kite string that can harm the one holding it. Swarna recalls how she has seen this kind of love in Arohi and is afraid. Surekha hopes that Ruhi will not face the same fate as Arohi did. As Ruhi listens to a voice note, she playfully teases Armaan about putting the law before their relationship, resulting in a playful banter between them.


She also informs him that she has spoken to her family members and asked for time. Just then, Vidya interrupts with news about Dadi planning to make an important announcement at dinner, but she chooses to tell Armaan first. Vidya informs Armaan about Rohit’s upcoming wedding, to which he responds with excitement. As Vidya reaches for the bride-to-be’s photo, Dadi interrupts with a call. Meanwhile, in Mussoorie, Abhira is capturing pictures of tourists when she hears crying. She discovers Yuvraj who holds onto her hand and causes a scene on the street.

A guy aids Abhira in escaping Yuvraj’s grip while Akshara comes to support Abhira. Eventually, Yuvraj’s driver arrives and takes the intoxicated Yuvraj away. Within seconds, his car hits the same tourist who had helped earlier. In desperation, Abhira chases after Yuvraj’s car before he speeds off. Akshara calls out to her and they rush to the hospital where the tourist is pronounced dead, with his wife blaming Abhira for his demise. Akshara storms to Yuvraj’s house with the police, demanding that Jagrat hand over the culprit’s son.

However, Jagrat argues that Yuvraj has been out with his driver since yesterday, making it impossible for him to be involved in any murder. Despite this, Akshara permits for the police to search the house, convinced that Yuvraj must be hiding somewhere. She reassures herself and Abhira that she will protect her loved ones from any harm. Meanwhile, happiness fills the Poddar household as they celebrate a festival, but there is still an uneasy tension between Armaan and Dadi. The absence of his parents makes Armaan feel a sense of loneliness and he begins daydreaming about Ruhi.


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