Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update Aradhna Jai wedding

Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update Aradhna Jai wedding

Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update Aradhna Jai wedding. As Reyansh is mad at Aradhna, Jagruti warns Aradhna that it is important that they deal with him calmly. She asks Aradhna to come with her because she knows someone who can help them since they are social workers. Reyansh comes out to greet Aradhna after Jagruti takes Aradhna to a bridal wear shop and apologizes to her for lying. While Aradhna realizes she is trapped in Reyansh’s plan, Reyansh asks Aradhna not to scold his future sister-in-law. Jagruti gets glad, while Aradhna loses her cool on his trick. She asks him to mend his ways before she takes an extreme step against him.

She threatens to get him arrested. Reyansh says that the police can’t keep him away from his love. Aradhna confronts Reyansh about his irrational behavior and makes it clear that she will not marry him. She then confronts Jagruti for lying and allowing Reyansh to manipulate them. However, Reyansh quickly interjects, claiming that Jagruti acted on her own accord and knew the consequences of defying him. He even suggests that Aradhna should have been as smart as Jagruti and not resisted as much. This infuriates Aradhna, causing her to scream at Reyansh and demand that he stay away from her and her family.


Despite this, Reyansh confidently reveals that he has already received permission from his father and set the dates for their marriage. He assures Aradhna that she shouldn’t worry and can start preparing for their wedding. Meanwhile, Jagruti leaves them alone and Reyansh insists on driving Aradhna home. During the drive, he declares that no one can come between them or their future together. Bhakti is increasingly concerned for Aradhna’s well-being due to Reyansh’s recent erratic behavior. After much contemplation, she realizes that the only solution to end Reyansh’s madness is to find a suitable husband for Aradhna.

Jai seems like the perfect choice, and Bhakti convinces Aradhna to consider marrying him. Bhakti reminds Aradhna of all the losses she has suffered because of her love for Reyansh, including the death of her parents and sister. Jai also agrees to marry Aradhna after realizing his feelings for her and understanding that she is not safe with Reyansh. To quell the rumors about Reyansh and Aradhna’s marriage, Jai publicly declares their engagement by putting a ring on her finger in front of their entire neighborhood. However, a desperate Reyansh begs Bhakti to stop the wedding. Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 21st November 2023.

Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update Aradhna Jai wedding:

As Aradhna realizes that Jagruti has deceived her into meeting Reyansh at a boutique, he quickly asks the Saleswoman to bring the clothes he had chosen. He then proceeds to share his plans for a Western-style reception, hoping it will prove to Jai that he is not the only decent choice for Aradhna. Frustrated, Aradhna expresses her disappointment with Reyansh’s obsession with Jai and even playfully suggests that he should marry him instead of her. After scolding Jagruti, Reyansh jokingly interrupts and refers to Aradhna as his “Chutki”. This new dynamic between Jagruti and Reyansh confuses Aradhna.

In a flashback, Reyansh explains how he convinced Jagruti to help him by highlighting their shared desire for Aradhna’s happiness and love for each other. Despite wanting to leave, Reyansh insists that Aradhna stay, reminding her of her previous statement about their destiny together. However, she reminds him that while he used to be a respectable journalist at one point, he now seems like a thug. Unphased, Reyansh tells her that she can do whatever she wants with him. Aradhna prepares to depart but the sudden power outage interrupts her departure and Reyansh continues to engage in playful banter with her. At the same time, Vivek and Kadambari pay a visit to Harsh and Bhakti.

Harsh implores them to dissuade Reyansh from his persistent desire to marry Aradhna, as she only wishes for peace in her life. Kadambari clarifies to Aradhna’s parents that their gifts were not meant for their daughter-in-law, but rather for their cherished daughter. Both Vivek and Kadambari express their sincere hopes for Aradhna to find a respectful and loving husband, while also apologizing on behalf of Reyansh and promising to make him understand the harm of forcing Aradhna into marriage. Meanwhile, Reyansh, Jagruti, and Aradhna continue their playful exchange.

However, Aradhna has grown tired of Reyansh’s antics and leaves with Jagruti. Later on, Aradhna overhears her mother discussing potential suitors for her and confronts her about it. Bhakti firmly expresses that she cannot allow Aradhna to marry Reyansh. Aradhna explains that she rejected Reyansh because he isn’t worth it, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him or that she can’t marry anyone else. Bhakti attempts to persuade Aradhna about the consequences of being with Reyansh and the hardships she has faced because of him, including losing her loved ones.

Meanwhile, Jai is surprised when Varun visits him. Aradhna soon realizes the danger in her relationship with Reyansh and agrees to marry whoever her parents choose for her. Jai and Varun engage in a lighthearted conversation about Jai’s love life. Furthermore, Bhakti discusses the idea of Jai marrying Aradhna with him. Initially, Jai opposes the idea due to Reyansh and Aradhna’s love for each other. However, after persistent requests from Bhakti, he reluctantly considers it yet still opposes it. Varun eavesdrops on their discussion and convinces Jai to wed Aradhna, all while taking a selfie and sharing it on social media. Kriti notices the post and attempts to contact Varun but without success.

He eventually calls her back, and she asks about Jai’s relationship status, causing Varun to reveal more than necessary in the moment. Concerned about Jai and Aradhna’s growing bond, Kriti decides to travel to Delhi and intervene. Meanwhile, Varun meets Jai and Aradhna at work and introduces himself. Inquisitive, Aradhna asks how he knows her.


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