YRKKH 21st November 2023 Written Update Legal bash

YRKKH 21st November 2023 Written Update Legal bash

YRKKH 21st November 2023 Written Update Legal bash. Akshara makes every effort to put Yuvraj behind bars and manages to somewhat succeed as he is quickly released from jail. When Yuvraj goes to Abhira’s house, she informs him that he has been let go due to his father’s misuse of power. Despite this, Abhira is confident that her mother will ensure he returns to jail. Yuvraj assures Abhira that his father has hired the best lawyer to handle their case and guarantees a successful outcome. He also mentions that once the case is resolved, he will come for Abhira without any obstacles, even from his father.

However, Abhira firmly rejects the idea of being with Yuvraj. In response, Akshara asks Yuvraj to leave and promises to personally fight the case and ensure that justice is served. She also assures Abhira of her safety. Abhira isn’t aware that Armaan Poddar has been hired by Jagrat to defend Yuvraj. Abhira drives to the resort. She comes across Armaan when they both meet with an accident. They never wished to meet again and appear surprised to see each other. It’s an unpleasant meeting for them. Abhira asks him what is he doing back in Mussoorie. Armaan prefers to not answer her. He heads to meet Jagrat and Yuvraj, who are Sanjay’s good friends. Armaan assures Jagrat that he will win Yuvraj’s case.


On the other hand, Ruhi anxiously waits for Armaan’s return to Udaipur for their date to turn possible. She makes romantic date arrangements to surprise Armaan, while he is away in Mussoorie in Yuvraj’s matter. She says that Armaan had promised to come and she is sure he won’t disappoint her. Armaan has no idea that Yuvraj has killed an innocent guy Anurag. He soon learns that Akshara is fighting the case against Yuvraj. He admires Akshara. Akshara and Armaan meet in the court and wish each other the best of luck. Abhira gets upset to see Armaan defending Yuvraj. Armaan says that Yuvraj hasn’t proved guilty and the court will decide the verdict.

Mr Kipling informs Akshara that Anurag’s body will not be undergoing a post-mortem due to the corrupt chief inspector. In response, Akshara declares her determination to fight for justice for Anurag, regardless of facing the system alone. Abhira also joins in, promising to stand by her and bring Yuvraj to justice for his actions. However, Mr Kipling tries to discourage their efforts, citing Jagrat’s influence and power. Smita interjects, standing with Akshara and expressing her desire for justice for her husband. Akshara reassures Smita that even in this day and age, truth will prevail over evil like Ravana.

As a matter of fact, the Poddars are hosting a Rangoli-making competition where Kajal and Vidya are competing against each other. During the competition, Ruhi reaches out to Armaan to inquire about his opinion of her Rangoli. After the votes are tallied, it turns out to be a tie and the final verdict falls upon Madhav, who shows his support for Kajal. In the meantime, Vidya assures Madhav that she is used to always coming in second due to her husband’s choices and she is fine with it.

Dadi excitedly announces that next year’s Rangoli will feature three designs, prompting the cousins to tease Rohit. Meanwhile, Armaan is confident that he has a surprise in store as there will be two new additions to the family through marriage. In another part of the house, Abhira receives another message from Yuvraj and vents her frustration by angrily smashing a speaker before walking with determination toward his location. While this is happening, Vidya calls Manish to inquire about Ruhi’s response to their proposal. Manish reveals that Ruhi has asked for more time, causing Dadi to question why she needs it. Vidya reassures Manish that they are willing to wait for her answer and take all the time they need.

However, an arrogant Dadi interjects and states that Ruhi would be foolish not to accept Rohit as he is an ideal match and their family is unmatched in greatness. Armaan reaches out to Ruhi and successfully wins her heart with a grand gesture in the form of a message written in the sky, asking for a date night. During their conversation, he reveals that his love for her is as vast and deep as his favorite color blue, reminiscent of the endless sky or sea. Meanwhile, Akshara pressures a police officer to find Yuvraj while Abhira arrives with news that Yuvraj is nearby since she received a message from him mentioning the ringing bell.

Mr Kipling. informs Akshara that Jagrat will provide a skilled lawyer to defend his son. Despite their challenges, Abhira reassures him that they will not only take on the case but also emerge victorious. Meanwhile, Manish unexpectedly mentions Abhira to Swarna and suggests that they may have some connection. They also realize that throughout their stay at the resort, they never encountered Abhira’s mother.


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