Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update Aradhna's decision

Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update Aradhna’s decision

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Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update Aradhna’s decision. Varun playfully informs Aradhna about the girl who has captured Reyansh and Jai’s attention, causing them to break their bro-code. Aradhna is angered by his words but Jai intervenes and assures her that Varun is just joking, as he often does. Jai asks Varun to apologize to Aradhna, which he does, and she accepts it. Shortly after, Jai receives news that they need to leave for Singapore for work immediately and shares this with Aradhna. However, Kriti overhears and tells Reyansh, who becomes agitated. In a burst of anger, Reyansh storms into Jai’s office and declares that he will not allow Aradhna to go with him.

Aradhna responds by asserting her independence and noting that Reyansh cannot control her decisions. In a fit of fury, Reyansh grabs Jai’s passport and tears it into shreds. After witnessing the events in the office, Jai finally realizes that Bhakti was right about Aradhna’s safety around Reyansh. Meanwhile, Aradhna returns home tense about Reyansh’s actions at work. Sensing her discomfort, Bhakti asks about it. At first, Aradhna brushes off her concern but eventually breaks down and confides in Bhakti about everything. Bhakti suggests marrying Jai as a solution to this problem, despite Aradhna’s initial resistance.

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After giving it some thought, Aradhna agrees and they decide to put an end to the rumors about her and Reyansh by getting married. In front of the whole neighborhood, Jai puts a ring on Aradhna’s finger as a symbol of their commitment. However, Reyansh is left feeling helpless and pleads with Bhakti to stop the wedding. While heading to Singapore together, will Jai and Aradhna face any obstacles? And will Reyansh plan something even more sinister to prevent their marriage? Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 22nd November 2023.

Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update Aradhna’s decision:

Varun approaches Aradhna and mentions that Jai often speaks highly of her, complimenting her beauty, hardworking nature, and professionalism. Aradhna introduces herself and then excuses herself. Varun then reveals that his father wants him to join the office, but he would prefer to have a gym on-site. Just as they are talking, Jai receives a call from Akash about an important business opportunity in Singapore. Since Akash cannot make it, he asks Jai to leave for Singapore tonight. After agreeing to let Akash know his decision, Jai turns to Aradhna and informs her that they have an urgent meeting in Singapore and she must come along to cover a significant story. He encourages her not to decline the opportunity as it might be perceived as being insubordinate towards their boss. Aradhna agrees to go with Jai. Varun is in a video call with Kriti when Jai interrupts to inform Varun about their trip to Singapore.

Varun agrees to join them later on and rushes to finish the call with Kriti. Jai playfully jokes about his naughtiness. Curious, Kriti asks where they are going and Varun explains it’s for some work. As she ends the call, Kriti realizes that something must be wrong since both Jai and Aradhna are going together. She decides to contact Reyansh for more information. Upon meeting Reyansh, she expresses her concern about Aradhna marrying Jai and how she had hoped Reyansh would stop it. To her surprise, Reyansh confesses his love for Aradhna and reveals their plan to get married. Shocked, Kriti tries to convince him to stop the wedding.

Kriti informs Reyansh that they are heading to the marriage venue, and he needs to intervene and stop them from going. In an attempt to contact Jai, Reyansh calls him but receives no response, which leaves him upset. Kriti then suggests calling Akash to get information on Jai’s whereabouts. After getting in touch with Akash, Reyansh learns that Jai is occupied with important matters and asks him not to disturb him. However, Reyansh insists on going to the airport to prevent Jai from leaving. At the same time, Aradhna reminds them about her luggage, while Jai checks his passport.

Upon reaching the office, Reyansh confronts Jai and warns him not to take Aradhna away. She retorts by challenging his authority while he insists on facing each other before she leaves with him. Annoyed with their argument, Jai asks Reyansh not to interfere in his work while Aradhna scolds him for his behavior. Reyansh’s actions shock both Jai and Aradhna as he tears Jai’s passport. Jai expresses his frustration, reminding Reyansh of an important meeting he had planned. However, Reyansh calmly reveals that he was aware of their plans to go to the media hub and get married. Aradhna is taken aback by his knowledge and reminds him that as a reporter, she cannot afford to stop working.

Reyansh questions why they were planning to get married, scolding Jai for his decision. Feeling frustrated by Reyansh’s interference, Aradhna confesses that they were indeed planning to marry each other. Reyansh accuses her of lying, causing her to lash out at him for causing unnecessary drama when he knows the truth. As their argument escalates, Reyansh insists that Aradhna belongs to him while Jai threatens legal action for the damages caused by tearing his passport. As Aradhna speeds off in her car with Reyansh as a passenger, he questions her reckless driving and she responds by saying they might as well die together since everything has fallen apart anyway.

He declares his desire to keep living, warning of an approaching truck. She urges him to leap to safety and live on without her. He confesses that he cannot imagine a life without her and is willing to die with her if they cannot be together. She halts the car and instructs him to exit. He gratefully acknowledges that she saved his life and asks her to accept that fact. Despite any ill feelings towards him, he believes they are meant for each other and their bond saved their father’s life. He promises not to pressure her into marriage, as he already belongs to her; marriage is merely an excuse and they do not need anyone else in their relationship. She rejects his passion, clarifying that she does not dislike him but simply wants to move on and forget about him. Overcome with emotion, she cries.

He agrees to just one dinner date, promising to do whatever she says. She exits the car and walks away. Akash expresses his disappointment and asks what happened to him. He scolds Jai and tells him he cannot leave Aradhna for Reyansh’s sake. Jai explains that he doesn’t want to marry at all. Akash decides to take matters into his own hands and calls Bhakti to inform her of their decision. Meanwhile, Jai messages Aradhna and arranges a meeting with her. Kriti rings up Varun, inquiring about the latest developments. With a hint of regret in his voice, he expresses his love for his brother and refuses to disclose any information. Kriti, concerned for Jai’s well-being, shares her uneasiness with Varun and asks him to reveal the details.

Succumbing to her persistence, Varun finally reveals that Jai is meeting Aradhna and expresses his belief that it is the right decision. During their meeting, Jai confesses his feelings for Aradhna and proposes to her for marriage. However, she turns him down as she has already agreed to an arranged marriage despite knowing his love for her. Trying to assure her and not wanting to force her into anything, Jai presents her with a ring as a sign of his love. Meanwhile, Reyansh overhears their conversation and remembers Kriti’s cautionary words.






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