Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update Ranbir surprised

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update Ranbir surprised

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update Ranbir surprised. As Prachi searches the Juhu beach area, she keeps the promise to herself that she will return Mr. Kakkar’s money, just as Purvi had promised him. To locate his house, she begins asking around for his address. Meanwhile, Purvi and Ashutosh are shopping for an engagement ring, but Ashutosh has yet to choose one that he finds suitable for Purvi’s finger. He requests different designs from the worker while Purvi patiently awaits his approval without showing any signs of frustration.

However, when Purvi steps away to answer a call, Ashutosh turns to the shopkeeper and asks for a less expensive ring, making it clear that he wants something affordable rather than extravagant. He says that he has many expenses to meet and he is already facing financial stress. He turns around and sees Purvi standing behind him, but she doesn’t seem to hear anything. Ashutosh is overcome with embarrassment when Purvi appears and overhears the conversation. He quickly starts making excuses, but Purvi reassures him that she understands his situation.

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Meanwhile, Prachi arrives at Ranbir’s house and puts on a soft smile before knocking on the door. As she waits, she can’t help feeling a strange sensation in anticipation of seeing Ranbir. Confused, she stands there for a moment until Ranbir himself opens the door. In a rude tone, he demands to know who gave the person his address. It soon turns out that Prachi landed at some other address and Ranbir is talking to someone else. They have a hit-and-miss once again. It raises the question – why is Ranbir avoiding Prachi? And is Khushi hiding something from everyone? Will Ranbir and Prachi meet in the coming time? Will Purvi become a bridge between them? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update Ranbir surprised:

Upon receiving a call from Diya, Purvi excuses herself to the side. The salesman inquires about Ashutosh’s ring preference. Dissatisfied with the designs available, Ashutosh requests some lighter and more affordable options rather than wasting money on gold. Noticing Purvi’s presence, the salesman and Ashutosh both glance at her. In agreement with Ashutosh’s words, Purvi mentions their current priority being to repair his scooter. Impressed by her practical thinking, Ashutosh reveals he instills such values in his students as well. He then turns to the salesman and asks for a display of lightweight rings.

Rajvansh argues with the clients about Krishna. The client praises Krishna, who is the best in the business. He says that they need Krishna to flourish in his business. He shares some facts. Rajvansh shows the facts of his company and says that he can guarantee his work output on time. Krishna arrives there. Rajvansh isn’t happy to meet him. Ranbir asks Rajvansh how is he doing. He talks about business. Rajvansh takes over the meeting. Krishna asks him to go ahead. Rajvansh boasts of his business. He challenges his venture offer. He wants to get the deal. Krishna asks what he has to offer. Rajvansh tells the facts. Ranbir questions him. He says that time is money and RV shouldn’t waste more of his time.

He says that the supplier works for him. He declares that nobody can challenge him in business. He gives a befitting reply to Rajvansh. He says that he owns his business solely. He walks off, leaving Rajvansh fuming. The driver asks Ranbir what would he have for lunch. Ranbir says that he will order food. Driver says that he can cook the food for him. Ranbir says that he doesn’t need anyone. The driver says that he will stay with him. Ranbir tells him that he doesn’t like affection. The driver insists and asks him about his likes and dislikes. Ranbir says that he likes anything prepared by Prachi.

He mentions Prachi’s name and gets emotional. Prachi reaches the address and rings the bell. Ranbir wonders who is at the door. Purvi and Ashutosh are on the way. Rajvansh speaks to Yug about the business mail. Ashutosh tells Purvi that the scooty breaks aren’t working. He dashes the scooty into the RV’s car. Purvi and Ashutosh fall on the road. Ashutosh argues with the driver, knowing that it was his own mistake. Purvi asks Ashutosh to stop. Rajvansh finds Purvi hurt. He gets the engagement ring fallen there. He asks Purvi to take it. She asks Ashutosh if he is okay. Rajvansh keeps calling her. He puts the ring on her finger when she doesn’t turn. She turns to see Rajvansh.

Purvi is taken aback and voices her frustration towards RV for being unaware of the significance. However, he simply shrugs it off, explaining that he was merely retrieving the ring for her. Contrarily, Prachi mistakenly arrives at the incorrect residence and is greeted by a woman who is not Ranbir, while a client visits Ranbir at his home. Meanwhile, Khushi boldly expresses her belief that Ashutosh is not suitable for Purvi due to his lack of concern for her well-being, evident through his affection for his scooter.

Ashutosh and Purvi take the scooty to a mechanic. Ashutosh asks the mechanic to check his scooty. He complains about the car driver. He argues with the mechanic and asks him to fix the scooty right in front of him. He tells Purvi that mechanics take time and change the original parts of the vehicle. Purvi tells him that she has to meet someone and return something. He asks her if she is going to meet Ranbir. She asks how he knows it. He says that he knows everything about her because she is his would-be wife. He calls her the most suitable girl for him. She says that she has to return the money to Ranbir.

He asks her to keep it. She says that she had promised Ranbir. He says that Ranbir/Krishna is very rich and he won’t need the petty amount. She insists and goes away. He thinks of training her to become practical. Khushi says that she doesn’t like Ashutosh for anyone for her reasons. She wishes her family understood her. She wants Purvi to stay happy. Manpreet says that Ashutosh is a nice person and would keep Purvi happy. However, Prachi urges Khushi not to judge Ashutosh solely based on his financial status.






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