YRKKH 23rd November 2023 Written Update Armaan versus Akshara

YRKKH 23rd November 2023 Written Update Armaan versus Akshara

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YRKKH 23rd November 2023 Written Update Armaan versus Akshara. Abhira calls Akshara and gets worried when the latter doesn’t answer the call. Armaan lands in Mussoorie. He goes to meet Yuvraj. Armaan and Abhira bump into each other at the crossroad, while he is distracted from making a call to Ruhi. An argument ensues between them. He says that Mussoorie doesn’t belong to her. They get messages from their loved ones. Abhira calls him jobless that he is back in Mussoorie on a vacation. He says that he has come for his work purpose. Ruhi lies to the family and acts happy. She is disappointed that Armaan didn’t come. Suwarna asks her to tell them the truth about her date. Ruhi says that the date got canceled because she had some work in the office. Manish asks her to have a personal life and work balance.

He doesn’t let her answer work calls. Abhira tells Akshara that a lawyer has visited Yuvraj’s house. Akshara says that they have to fight the system and get justice for Smita. She wants Abhira to handle the resort and its assets. She apologizes to Abhira for scolding her. She encourages her to focus on the case. Abhira is also determined to win. Jagrat thanks Sanjay for sending Armaan. Sanjay stops him from telling the entire truth to Armaan. He says that Armaan is a nice lawyer, but he has his principles, Armaan will win the case if he believes Yuvraj is innocent. He asks Jagrat to hide some facts from Armaan. Jagrat understands his point. Yuvraj and Jagrat make someone else a culprit in front of Armaan.

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Armaan asks Yuvraj if he doesn’t know the driver is drunk. Yuvraj makes a fake story to fool Armaan. Armaan says that he wants to confirm if it’s the driver’s mistake. He asks Jagrat and Yuvraj not to worry when they aren’t wrong or framing their driver for their mistake. Armaan checks the driver’s phone to see if the bank account has some money. Jagrat gets scared. Armaan doesn’t find anything on the phone and makes an apology. The driver gets the money transfer notification on his phone once Armaan returns the phone. He goes away. Yuvraj asks Armaan to save him.

He lies that the opposition party is doing this to spoil Jagrat’s name. He tells that he wants to help Anurag’s family. Armaan agrees to meet Anurag’s lawyer. Yuvraj informs that Akshara is fighting Anurag’s case. Armaan calls his assistant and asks him to check the bank accounts of the driver and his family members. He doesn’t get convinced that Yuvraj is innocent. The reporters go to question Armaan. Abhira is shocked to see Armaan.

Armaan doesn’t want to discuss the case. Abhira is disappointed, just like Ruhi who had lied to her family because of Armaan. Ruhi tells her friend that she is saving her family from pain. She can’t break their hearts. Her friend asks Ruhi not to wait for Armaan and just let him go. Ruhi refuses. She loves Armaan. She is sure that he will call her. Armaan thinks to call Ruhi. He gets Sanjay’s call and updates him about the case. He says that he will find the proof and know if he is protecting lies. Sanjay says that Armaan sounds like Madhav. He asks Armaan to win the case for Dadi’s sake. Armaan assures that he will win the case. Sanjay asks about the opposition lawyer. Armaan says that Akshara is fighting the case.

Sanjay says that she isn’t any competition. Armaan says that it won’t be easy to defeat her. Akshara can’t believe that Armaan is fighting Yuvraj’s case. Abhira says that Armaan has become a big lawyer by saving criminals. Armaan visits them. He hears Abhira’s wrong judgment about him. Akshara apologizes to him. Abhira hides the files from him. Akshara sends her away. Armaan says that he has come to discuss the case. Akshara refuses to discuss anything. He says that he has learned everything from her. He doesn’t want her to lose. She says that she doesn’t care who wins because she wants the truth to win.

She adds that he isn’t supporting the truth. Armaan gets confused seeing the opposition party minister meeting Akshara and showering gifts. He wonders if Yuvraj is right. He gets the CCTV footage. He finds the steering wheel in the driver’s hands. He wonders what is right. He remembers Akshara’s words. Akshara finds Abhira undergoing trauma. She hugs Abhira and comforts her. She apologizes to Abhira. She asks Abhira to turn her weakness into her strength. Later, Yuvraj meets Akshara at the court and pretends his innocence. Akshara scolds him. Yuvraj fools Armaan. He makes Abhira tense by making love gestures. Armaan tells Akshara that he wants her blessings to fight fair. She blesses him. She wants him to always support the truth. Abhira gets angry at Armaan and taunts him that he is saving a criminal.

He asks her not to give the verdict. She doesn’t want to support the wrong person. Armaan tells that he has a proof to win the case. Abhira says that he will lose the case. She stains his shirt with the pen ink by mistake. He grows enraged. Armaan presents the CCTV footage and says that Yuvraj’s driver was driving the car at the time of the accident. Akshara challenges the authenticity of the evidence. She asks Abhira not to worry. The driver accepts the blame in the court. Armaan says that he has presented the proof and confession. He adds that Yuvraj is innocent. Akshara says that she has an eye-witness witness to testify against Yuvraj. Ruhi feels cheated by Armaan’s ignorance. She makes a rash decision and agrees to marry Rohit.






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