Anupama 17th December 2023 Written Update Unexpected

Anupama 24th November 2023 Written Update Shock for Anuj

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Anupama 24th November 2023 Written Update Shock for Anuj. After giving Hasmukh the pain relief spray, Leela asks him to pass her phone so she can check her messages. However, upon opening the phone, she finds that there are no messages and this confuses her. As she talks to their relatives, she gets distracted by this situation. Meanwhile, Dimpy experiences an emotional breakdown as she realizes the collapse of her life and doubts that anyone will believe she is innocent in the fake video. Her students attempt to console her, offering to report the video from their accounts. However, Dimpy remains uncertain that this will have any effect. In her despair, she drops to the floor in tears while Titu kneels beside her to comfort her. But Dimple’s anger shifts towards Titu and she holds him responsible for the situation.

Dimpy recalls how her life used to be peaceful and free from drama until he showed up, bringing chaos and demanding she leave the academy and abandon her life. Titu chooses to remain quiet as he exits the building, crossing paths with Anupama without a word. Anupama takes notice of the tense atmosphere, noticing Dimpy’s tearful state and understanding what must have transpired. Meanwhile, upon watching a video, Pakhi immediately summons Leela to the living room, causing Romil to panic and plead with her not to involve Leela who is unwell. However, Pakhi assures Romil that she knows what needs to be done and condemns Dimpy for her scandalous behavior as a pregnant widow.

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After entering the living room, Pakhi shares a video with Leela, Malti Devi, and Barkha that catches their attention. In disbelief, Romil declares the video as a falsification while Malti Devi suggests it could also be genuine, considering young people often err. Hasmukh intervenes and urges everyone to refrain from accusing Dimpy. Leela silently retreats into the room followed by Hasmukh. In another part of the house, Anupama advises Dimpy to stand up against society if they want to maintain their dignity.

Anupama comforts Dimpy, assuring her that she has the support of their family and has not done anything wrong. However, she reminds Dimpy that accusing Titu was not justified. Leela explains to Hasmukh how she prevented Dimpy from leaving due to these circumstances, leading to the current situation. Jhanak reaches out to Dimple as a friend and offers her support. In turn, Dimple informs Anupama about the two men involved in the incident. Upon returning home, Anupama and Dimpy are taken aback by the presence of the same men. Anupama takes charge and starts attacking them with belts, while initially hesitant, Dimpy joins in. Malti Devi urges Leela to leave the Kapadia mansion quietly to avoid being identified by Anuj who overhears their conversation and is left shocked.






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