GHKKPM 24th November 2023 Written Update Reeva's entry

GHKKPM 24th November 2023 Written Update Reeva’s entry

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GHKKPM 24th November 2023 Written Update Reeva’s entry. During the team’s intense game of tug of war, Durva resorts to using unfair tactics to defeat Savi. She enlists Ayush to help by using the glare from his watch to reflect sunlight into Savi’s eyes, causing her to briefly lose consciousness and fall. With the crowd cheering for Durva’s victory, Ishaan quickly rushes over to check on Savi while a shocked Surekha looks on. As he tends to Savi’s injuries, Yashwant arrives in a nearby room where Surekha follows him and apologizes for her mistake in choosing a groom for Durva. Yashwant reprimands Surekha for her recent behavior towards Isha and Savi, reminding her of the mistakes she has made.

He explains that he is trying to protect her from being exposed by deleting CCTV footage, while Surekha tearfully expresses her fears of losing Ishaan and blames Savi and Isha. Yashwant reassures her not to worry. Meanwhile, in Ishaan’s cabin, he tends to Savi’s injured wrist and their hands accidentally touch, causing a brief moment of tension between them. Shukla ji interrupts with complaints about Ishaan not having lunch, prompting him to ask Savi if she has eaten anything. Shukla ji speaks on Savi’s behalf, declining Ishaan’s invitation for her to join him.

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Despite Savi’s hesitation, Ishaan persists but she eventually forgets about him while eating. She remembers and saves some leftovers for him, but is met with teasing from Ishaan and Shukla ji, leading her to realize her mistake. She apologizes and jokes with Ishaan before he adds it to her list of tasks. Meanwhile, Yashwant expresses regret over Ishaan not marrying Reeva, while Surekha shares her disinterest in girls like Reeva and Savi as potential matches for Ishaan. In another location, Reeva prepares to leave and gazes lovingly at a photo of Ishaan. While Savi chats with Isha on the phone, she asks about his well-being to which he responds positively and encourages her to focus on the competition.

Savi updates Isha on the lunch incident and inquires about Ishaan’s preferred dish as a way to make amends. Overcome with emotion, Isha shares Ishaan’s beloved childhood dish. To their surprise, Shantanu appears and questions why she was absent during the festival. He urges her to tell the truth, causing Isha to reveal everything. Enraged by this information, Shantanu plans to involve Surekha but is stopped by Isha. She explains that bringing Surekha into the situation will only worsen Shantanu’s mood, thus prompting her decision to leave college without causing a scene.

She also mentions how much Ishaan dislikes her and cannot even stand being in her presence, leaving Shantanu feeling powerless. The following morning, Savi checks in with her friends on their competition preparations but experiences persistent hiccups. One of Durva’s group members taunts her when they cross paths. Savi comes across Durva and her companions, who are gathered together to discuss the upcoming competition. Suddenly, one of Durva’s friends addresses Savi as Ms. Ramtec, causing Savi to roll her eyes. Durva quickly steps in and reprimands her friends for using that name. She suggests they call Savi Ms. Illiterate instead, which prompts laughter from the group at Savi’s presence.

Despite Savi’s composed demeanor, she reminds Durva to mind her words and refrain from crossing boundaries. Durva then proceeds to cleverly rhyme with Savi’s name, causing Savi to warn her not to provoke her. Meanwhile, Durva’s friends urge her to calm down after witnessing Savi’s bold response.






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