YRKKH 24th November 2023 Written Update Bad News

YRKKH 24th November 2023 Written Update Bad News

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YRKKH 24th November 2023 Written Update Bad News. Akshara seeks permission to bring her witness, Smita Negi, the victim’s wife. Smita recounts how Yuvraj struck her husband with his car. Armaan poses some questions to Smita in search of a possible motive for Yuvraj’s actions. He asks about the fight between Yuvraj and her husband before the accident. Smita suggests that Abhira would have more insight on this matter. Akshara then turns to Abhira and asks how she is familiar with Yuvraj. Abhira reports to the court that Yuvraj has been stalking her and proceeds to elaborate on his actions when prompted by Akshara. She recounts how Yuvraj attempted to harass and physically assault her on the day of the accident, but was stopped by Anurag.

This ultimately led to Yuvraj’s murder of Anurag. Armaan requests time from the court to verify the accuracy of Abhira’s statement, and a new date is set for the next hearing. In the meantime, Armaan gathers further information regarding Abhira’s testimony while Akshara and Abhira discuss the ongoing legal proceedings. Initially, Armaan is unable to fight his case and Yuvraj relentlessly pressures him to speak the truth. As a result, Armaan decides to have a private conversation with Abhira outside of the court, as he believes it may be uncomfortable for her to discuss stalking and harassment in a public setting. However, before he can call her, his mother interrupts with an unsettling feeling about something.

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Meanwhile, Ruhi grows concerned for Armaan’s well-being as she waits for him to reach out to her. The group of Manish, Swarna, and Ruhi share light-hearted banter about their clients when Swarna mentions the common problem of important calls being missed due to spam or unknown numbers. Ruhi’s mind is suddenly sparked with the thought that perhaps Armaan has been trying to contact her from an unfamiliar number. She quickly identifies the number with the most frequent calls and concludes that it must be Armaan’s. Despite his attempt to reassure his mother that everything is okay, Armaan continues to try calling Ruhi, but their call won’t go through.

Suddenly, Armaan finds himself in a tangle as he collides with someone and they end up tumbling together. It dawns on him that he’s landed atop Abhira, creating a brief moment between them. Later on, a call from home delivers heartbreaking news – a bullet has struck his father. Over at the hospital, Sanjay offers comfort to Rohit regarding Madhav’s condition. The entire Poddar household is in a state of worry and distress. Dadi has secluded herself and is weeping over her son’s condition. Armaan is visibly trembling and struggling to come to terms with the situation. In an attempt to help, Akshara hands him his phone. However, amidst all this chaos, Ruhi keeps calling Armaan repeatedly, but he asks Akshara to reject the calls as he only wants to speak with Rohit. Frustrated by the constant calls, Akshara scolds Ruhi and tells her to stop contacting Armaan since he does not want to talk to her.

On a positive note, Rohit informs Armaan that their father’s health has improved, while Sanjay assures him that they will take care of Madhav so he can focus on his case. Meanwhile, Ruhi’s friend manipulates her with false notions about Armaan not being the right person for her and raises doubts about Abhira picking up his phone. Concerned about his father’s well-being, Armaan expresses his desire to be by his side at the moment but worries about what will happen in court without him present. Unable to find appropriate words in such a tense situation, Abhira gives him a candy.






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