GHKKPM 25th November 2023 Written Update Surprise for Ishaan

GHKKPM 25th November 2023 Written Update Surprise for Ishaan

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GHKKPM 25th November 2023 Written Update Surprise for Ishaan. As Savi approaches, she spots Durva and her group huddled together, discussing the competition. Durva then directs her friend to call Savi Ms. Illiterate, while the rest of the group snickers at her presence. However, Savi remains composed and reminds Durva to mind her manners, as she goes by the name Savi. This prompts Durva to come up with clever rhymes about Savi’s name. But despite this, Savi advises Durva to speak with maturity and not provoke her into losing control or having to teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, Durva is taken aback by Savi’s boldness, while her friends encourage her to calm down.

Durva boasts to her friends about teaching Savi a lesson, while Savi’s friend advises her to drink water to avoid hiccups. The next day, with Savi frantically searching for the preparations Reeva arrives at Bhosale College. In the midst of this, Savi accidentally bumps into Reeva, who greets her with a wide grin. Apologetic for the collision, Savi hurries off but Reeva nonchalantly dismisses the apology. When asked if she is a new student, Reeva reveals she is there to see someone specific. Seeing Reeva’s blushing expression, Savi eagerly inquires about the person and offers her assistance.

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Despite Reeva’s reluctance to accept support, citing potential upset from the person who may find out about it, Savi quickly brings up Ishaan and asks if Reeva needs help finding him. Her unexpected smile catches Reeva off guard. Savi proceeds to inform Reeva of a significant change in Ishaan’s behavior and how he even organized a surprise party for her. This news visibly affects Reeva. Without delay, Savi takes Reeva to meet Ishaan, whose expression turns to shock upon seeing her there. It raises questions: Could jealousy arise from Reeva? How will Savi handle the bond between Ishaan and Reeva? Keep reading for a full written update on GHKKPM 25th November 2023.

GHKKPM 25th November 2023 Written Update Surprise for Ishaan:

Durva makes fun of Savi. Savi warns Durva against her misbehavior. Durva asks her to not spoil her grand entry. Savi says that everything will be arranged as she wants. She speaks to the tailor and asks him to send properly stitched clothes. She says that she will figure out the dance practice later. She meets Ishaan and complains about the improper arrangements. Ishaan asks her to relax and stop taking tension. Savi says that she isn’t taking tension, but it’s still happening. Ishaan stops her and asks her to look into his eyes. He asks her if she can see anything. She signs no. He asks her to look again. She says that she can’t find anything. He says that something has happened, and that’s why her hiccups stopped. He adds that he has tricked her. Savi says that it’s amazing. He asks her to keep her mind calm. Surekha and Yashwant welcome their special guests and take pictures with them.

Isha’s name is mentioned by a guest. Surekha gets upset hearing Isha’s praise. Savi and Durva get decked up for the cultural fest. Ishaan asks if all the teams are ready. He instructs the team not to make any mistakes or cheat as it happened in the graffiti competition. He says that the media will be around to cover the fest event, so they have to perform their best. Ayush and Durva are still revengeful against Savi. Ayush changes the sipper bottle. He targets Savi’s team members. Shantanu tells that Isha couldn’t come because she wasn’t well. He adds that he informed Isha about the event.

He reveals that Isha is his wife. Yashwant and Surekha are helpless to say that Isha is their family member. Shantanu tells Yashwant that Isha didn’t backbite about them. He knows Yashwant and Surekha don’t regard Isha as their family member. Yashwant scolds Shantanu for supporting Isha. Shantanu defends Isha. He regrets that Surekha had insulted Isha and sent her away from the fest. He says that a person’s patience ends one day and then a storm might come. He asks them not to test his patience. Nishikant says that university funds shouldn’t stop coming. Yashwant says that he knows everything well. Savi and Durva get into an argument. Savi asks Durva to reach the stage on time when her name is announced.

Durva asks Ayush to do something. He says that he has already done his work. She asks about his plan. He asks her to look at Shashwat. He adds that Shashwat is Savi’s dance partner, he is consuming a spiked drink and now what happens on the stage will be just fun. Durva gets glad. Ishaan welcomes everyone to the cultural fest’s dance program. Savi tells Shashwat that they will do a dance rehearsal once. He excuses himself. He feels uneasy. He suffers from stomach cramps. The performances begin. Savi doesn’t find Shashwat anywhere. She goes to look for him. Ishaan calls her and informs her that her performance is next. Shashwat collapses in the washroom. Ishaan asks Shukla ji and others to find Shashwat.






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