Barsatein Aradhna Wedding twist Reyansh opposes Jai

Barsatein Aradhna Wedding twist Reyansh opposes Jai

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Barsatein Aradhna Wedding twist Reyansh opposes Jai. Bhakti comforts Aradhna, assuring her that Reyansh’s actions will not affect her marriage to Jai. She explains that Reyansh is acting out of desperation and not considering other options. Aradhna expresses concern about Jai’s mother’s opinion, but Malini reassures her that Jai will handle everything and offers to speak to Neeti if necessary. However, with Reyansh continually causing obstacles in the way of Aradhna’s marriage, Bhakti decides to take action. She gives Aradhna a bag containing the necklace Reyansh had sent and takes her to Reyansh’s house. There, she presents the bag to Kadambari and explains the situation. Despite Aradhna’s attempts at reasoning with Bhakti, she remains firm in her decision. In the midst of this, Aradhna hands Kadambari her wedding invitation and invites her to attend.

As Reyansh returns home to a seething Kadambari, he questions her about the cause of her anger. She lashes out at him, demanding that he stop interfering in Aradhana’s marriage and leave her in peace. However, Reyansh insists that his love for Aradhana is mutual and that she only agreed to marry Jai due to her upset state. He believes it is his responsibility to help her realize what she truly desires. Confused by his sudden fury, Kadambari then hands Reyansh Aradhana’s wedding invitation.

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Reyansh informs her that both Jai and Aradhna have decided to marry on the same day he had initially planned to marry Aradhna. He assures his mother that he will not allow this wedding to take place under any circumstances. Despite facing numerous challenges, Jai and Aradhna are finally ready to tie the knot. However, Reyansh dramatically interrupts their wedding ceremony and declares that Aradhna belongs only to him, causing a scene. Will Jai and Aradhna manage to overcome these obstacles and exchange their vows? Or will Reyansh succeed in preventing their marriage and winning over Aradhna? Keep reading.






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