Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh's madness

Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s madness

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Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s madness. Neeta and Varun criticize the plate given to them by the Sahanis for dinner. Jagruti makes fun of Varun, causing Neeta to become upset. Jai stands by Jagruti’s side. Suddenly, they hear a knocking sound at the door. It reminds them of Reyansh sending Aradhana a shagun on the day they met. This makes Jai nervous. Aradhana assumes it must be Reyansh at the door and goes to answer it herself. She is surprised to find some members of their society outside and asks them why they’re there. One of the men informs the Sahanis that their society has been purchased, which shocks everyone. He also reveals that Mr. Lamba is the new owner. This news upsets Aradhana and Jai. The family steps outside and sees that the name of their society has been changed to Aransh.

Reyansh arrives at the society and reassures its members of his commitment to improving the community. Everyone is overjoyed, except for Bhakti who attempts to sway their opinion but is unsuccessful. Reyansh informs Aradhana that he is keeping his promise to her. A flashback reveals a moment where Aradhana confided in Reyansh after being ousted from the colony, and he vowed to restore her reputation. The memory brings tears to Aradhana’s eyes. She then takes Reyansh with her, much to Neeta’s dismay who makes snide remarks before storming off. Aradhana and Reyansh challenge each other, while Kriti pokes fun at him for not stopping Jai and Aradhana’s wedding. Despite Reyansh’s assurance that the marriage won’t happen, Kriti doubts his capabilities.

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Reyansh tells Kriti to prepare for Aradhana’s sangeet but reminds her that their marriage will not happen. He then proceeds to move Aradhana with his words. As Kriti informs everyone about Aradhana’s whereabouts with Reyansh, Neeta takes a dig at the Sahani family. Later on, Reyansh brings Aradhana to the venue where they were supposed to have their sangeet and confesses that without her, he would be lost. But their happiness is short-lived as Jai scolds Reyansh upon seeing them together at home. Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 29th November 2023.

Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s madness:

Feeling dizzy, Aradhna is asked by Abdul to go wash her face, so she heads to the washroom. Meanwhile, he takes her phone. Reyansh questions Abdul about the amount of medicine added, and he assures him it was just a mild dosage. Taking advantage of Aradhna’s absence, Reyansh messages Jai from her phone that she will be attending the Sangeet on time. However, when Aradhna returns to find herself locked in, she starts panicking and knocks on the door for help. Suspecting Reyansh’s involvement, she accuses him of being behind this and shouts for assistance. He tries to calm her down and explains that he didn’t do it and that he can handle the situation if she calls the police.

But as she continues to scream for rescue, he pleads with her to listen to him instead and expresses his feelings for her, reminding her of their shared past and how they both know that their love for each other is real. In another scene, Neeta suggests going out to buy fresh desserts but Jai reminds her that it’s his Sangeet day today. However, Neeta confesses that she can’t participate in such celebrations. Jai praises Aradhna, expressing his belief that she will bring happiness to the family. He believes that she has also made a strong impression on Reyansh, and wishes for good things for him.

However, he worries that Aradhna may not be the right fit for Reyansh, as he is deeply attached to her. But despite this, Jai sees the goodness in Reyansh’s heart, knowing that he may initially get upset but will eventually understand. Jai then shifts his focus to helping Aradhna with clothes, and Reyansh joins them. As they spend time together, Reyansh expresses how grateful he is to have found love with Aradhna. As emotions run high, he confesses his feelings for her and begs her not to leave him. Reyansh pleads for her decision while she tearfully reflects on their memories together.

Reyansh inquires about Aradhna’s tears, to which she responds that it is not due to love, but rather his stubbornness. In frustration, she hits the door and injures her hand. Reyansh rushes to open the door and asks what happened. Upon seeing her wound, he becomes concerned. Nita then questions Akash if this is a new custom for the bride to not appear. Bhakti eventually arrives and assures them that the bride will arrive soon. Kriti also joins in and greets everyone present. Taking care of Aradhna, Reyansh offers her water, which she declines, claiming it won’t help her situation. She then requests for a chocolate, but he suggests coffee and a muffin instead. It is then revealed that she requires insulin from her bag. Just as they are discussing, Malini interrupts and asks what they are doing there. Kriti clarifies that she had come to witness how the sangeet was taking place without the presence of the bride, who is currently at another sangeet at Reyansh’s residence.

After Reyansh administers the insulin to Aradhna, she expresses her desire to go home. However, Jai suspects her and calls her but her phone is switched off. Eventually, they all make their way to Reyansh’s Sangeet where he has brought Aradhna along. This comes as a surprise to everyone and Jai questions the situation. Reyansh assures them that she is now safe as he has intervened. Despite Jai’s anger and attempt to raise his hand, Aradhna stops him, reminding them of the ongoing celebration. Nita also reprimands her for causing a scene. Nonetheless, Aradhna takes matters into her own hands and decides to join in on the festivities by playing the dhol, refusing to let anyone stop her from enjoying her wedding.






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