Ghum Hai Kisikey 30th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan's anger

Ghum Hai Kisikey 30th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan’s anger

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Ghum Hai Kisikey 30th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan’s anger. Swati inquires about Reeva’s satisfaction with the insult given to her. In response, Reeva mentions that Ishaan is upset over her sudden departure and she plans to continue visiting him until he forgives her. Meanwhile, Savi’s classmates eagerly await Ishaan’s lecture and speculate on his whereabouts, as he never misses one. Suddenly, Harini calls Savi and requests that she come home immediately. Concerned, Savi asks if her in-laws have caused trouble again. However, Harini assures her that this is not the case. Upon reaching Harini’s place, she is informed that Ninad’s condition has worsened and Ashwini has left for a pilgrimage tour. Worried, Savi suggests calling Bhavani but Harini advises against it as Bhavani will not answer and Ninad has lost his memory.

Harini sadly departs and walks down the road, reminiscing about the time she spent with her grandfather. Ishaan, lost in thoughts of Reeva, drives his car and comes to a sudden halt right before accidentally bumping into Savi. She falls to the ground, prompting Ishaan to get out of the car and check on her well-being. Once Savi confirms that she is okay, she questions him about his reckless driving and absence from their lecture. Ishaan claims that he didn’t realize what he was doing and urges Savi to join him for a cup of coffee. She agrees and gets into his car, but instead of heading towards the café, Ishaan continues driving until Savi brings it to his attention. He quickly reverses the car and they both enter the café together.

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As they sit down, Ishaan asks Savi to tell him more about her parents’ love story. However, after she begins recounting it once again, he suddenly shouts no and apologizes profusely to everyone in the café. Confused by his strange behavior, Savi asks if he’s alright. He assures her that everything is fine before walking away after paying for their coffee. Perplexed by Ishaan, Savi falls into a deep dilemma over his strange behavior. Savi expresses concern for Ishaan’s well-being and reaches out to check on him. From inside their home, Ishaan overhears Surekha yelling at Reeva to leave. Determined to mend their relationship, Reeva makes a promise. Later, Ishaan returns the presents she had given him. Keep reading for Ghum Hai Kisikey 30th November 2023 Written Update.

Ghum Hai Kisikey 30th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan’s anger:

Surekha tries calling Ishaan. Nishikant says that Ishaan was behaving strangely and left the college. Surekha learns that Ishaan missed the lectures. She says that he might be having some important work. She is shocked to know about Reeva’s entry. Durva doesn’t think Reeva has come. Anvi says that she isn’t sure but she thinks Reeva has come back into Ishaan’s life. Surekha says that women like Isha and Reeva never come back once they leave. She adds that she feels Savi is responsible for Ishaan’s disappearance. She complains about Savi’s bad influence on Ishaan. She asks Durva if Savi has come to the college. Durva says that Savi also left the classes. Surekha asks her to call up Savi and find out about Ishaan.

She lectures Asmita who intervenes to defend Savi. Ishaan arrives home, appearing lost. Surekha asks him why did he disappear from the college. Yashwant asks Ishaan if he is okay. Ishaan refuses to answer them. He goes to his room. Surekha finds him worried. She goes to Ishaan and questions his actions. Ishaan says that he feels everything is a dream. She asks him if he has gone out with Savi. He says that he wasn’t with Savi. He reveals about Reeva’s return. She asks what does he mean. He tells her about Reeva’s madness. Surekha suggests a solution to deal with Reeva.

Swanand is worried. His wife asks him to stop Reeva’s madness and take her back to London. She says that they can’t support Reeva in her foolishness. Yashwant calls up Swanand after leaving about Reeva’s return. He yells at Swanand and asks him to keep his daughter away from Ishaan. Swanand apologizes to him. Yashwant asks what will he apologize for. He counts his numerous mistakes. He says that he will not forgive Reeva. He is clear in his decision. He says that he will not tolerate Reeva around Ishaan. He threatens to put a harassment case on Reeva and get her arrested to keep her away from Ishaan. He gives a warning to Swanand. Reeva overhears their conversation and weeps. Yashwant threatens to kill Swanand and his family. Reeva gets depressed. Swanand is shaken. His wife asks him if he will risk Reeva’s life.

She orders Reeva to pack her bags. Swanand asks Reeva to forget Ishaan when Yashwant has cleared his stand. Reeva refuses to leave Ishaan. He explains that they can’t force things to change as they want. He asserts that nothing can change between Ishaan and her. He asks her to just listen to him and focus on her life. Reeva says that she can’t leave her world behind. She calls Ishaan her world. Swanand says that time heals every wound. On the other hand, Savi is worried for her family. She weeps to counter her sorrow. She calls up Vinayak and asks about Ninad’s sickness. He scolds her for leaving the house and not caring for the elders. She asks him about Ninad. He says that Ninad is in the final stage of Alzheimer’s. She requests him to make her talk to Ninad once. He refuses.

Swanand justifies Yashwant’s angry outburst. He knows that he is at fault and Yashwant has a right to threaten them. Swati asks him not to defend Yashwant. She thinks to check on Reeva once. She finds Reeva missing. She shares this news with Swanand. They get a letter. Swanand worries about reading it. He deduces that Reeva might have gone to meet Ishaan. Ishaan isn’t able to forget Reeva. She tells him that she has come back. He fights with his feelings. Reeva arrives to meet him and gets rebuked by Surekha. Ishaan decides to return the souvenirs and erase all their memories.


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