Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update Tough call

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update Tough call

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update Tough call. Ashutosh’s aunt reassures Prachi’s family that they need not hold a Pooja for Purvi, as their family will handle the Pooja for Ashutosh. She then requests Bina to call a different Pandit to perform the rituals. Meanwhile, Ashok kindly suggests that his family take care of the Pooja for Purvi and urges everyone to let go of the issue. He mentions to Manpreet that it is a trivial matter and should be resolved quickly. Feeling relieved, Bina takes Prachi aside.

On the other hand, Khushi and Diya advise Purvi to reconsider marrying Ashutosh, emphasizing that there are other options available. Later, Ashutosh approaches Purvi and questions her about Khushi’s negative attitude towards him. He asks if Khushi has found someone else for her instead. In response, Purvi clarifies that there is no such thing happening. Bina suggests to Prachi that it would be great if Ashutosh received a new scooty as a gift. However, Prachi expresses her inability to purchase one immediately due to financial constraints. Noticing the bangles on Prachi’s hands, Bina proposes the idea of using them as collateral to buy the scooty.

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She assures Prachi that she can return the money and retrieve her bangles at a later time. Subsequently, Bina takes possession of the bangles from Prachi. Meanwhile, Vishaka overhears their conversation and approaches Khushi to express her annoyance with Bina’s actions, particularly regarding Purvi’s misfortune and taking away Prachi’s bangles. Khushi confronts Bina about her behavior and questions Purvi about her intentions to marry Ashutosh. As Ashutosh wonders why Prachi is being held responsible for the scooter accident, Khushi urges Bina to return the bangles which hold sentimental value for their family.

Purvi suggests that the marriage can be called off if needed, while Ashutosh expresses disbelief towards Bina’s actions. Bina defends herself by claiming she did it out of concern for Ashutosh. In the meantime, Jasveer is seen meeting someone outside a Godown. Purvi is surprised to spot a new bike as she steps outside. Curious about its sender, Prachi inquires the delivery man who reveals that Rajvansh had sent it as an apology for Purvi scolding him at the temple. The delivery guy even connects Purvi with Rajvansh through a video call. Despite Rajvansh’s generous gesture, Purvi politely declines the bike, stating it is unnecessary.

However, her attention is diverted as she notices Rajvansh’s location – the police station. Concerned, she asks him why he is there. Rajvansh explains that Dadaji had asked him to gift the bike and he simply complied. Soon after, he ends the call abruptly. Bina excitedly shares with her family the news that Ashutosh has acquired a new bike and comments on Purvi’s good fortune. Khushi questions Ashutosh about his feelings, considering they had just accused Purvi of being unlucky. This leads to Khushi arguing with Ashutosh’s family, and Bina offering her opinion on Prachi’s parenting.

Prachi assures them that she trusts her daughters’ reactions and believes any woman would respond similarly. Khushi then suggests Prachi and Purvi call off the marriage, stating that Ashutosh is not right for her. In response, Purvi pleads with Khushi to let it go as Ashutosh has already apologized. Moreover, Khushi remains firm in her stance and decides to leave the engagement, not wanting to partake in something she does not believe in.






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