Udaariyaan 4th December 2023 Written Update Alia challenges Aasma

Udaariyaan 4th December 2023 Written Update Alia challenges Aasma

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Udaariyaan 4th December 2023 Written Update Alia challenges Aasma. Raja inquires about Alia’s tears and panic, while others around them mention that they are already married. Despite Raja’s questioning, Alia pushes him aside and rushes out of the temple. He tries to follow her, but she leaves in an auto. Aasma and Armaan plead with Raja to return, but he stands on the railing instead. Armaan’s mother Rano appeals to Ekam to save Raja, as Aasma also urges for the same. Soon after, Alia shows up at Armaan’s house and asks Raja to come down. He obeys immediately and joyfully dances, proclaiming that she will stay with him forever. Raja seeks blessings from the elders alongside Alia. Aasma suspects that this is all a calculated plan by Alia. Raja continues to threaten the family if they don’t accept Alia. The family gets compelled to accept Raja and Alia’s marriage. Alia traps Raja by using her innocence. Raja feels Alia loves him.

Ekam and Nehmat are against Alia’s marriage, knowing Raja is just a child mentally. In today’s episode, Ekam refuses to let Alia live with Raja, citing that he needs medical treatment. This angers Armaan’s father. Later, Aasma informs Armaan that they had been keeping Alia away from Raja but he insisted on getting their marriage registered. Armaan assures her that once they go to court, Alia’s true intentions will be revealed. Alia throws an open challenge to Aasma that she will snatch Armaan and the entire family from her. Aasma is determined to secure the family and also her marriage from Alia’s evil sight. Will Armaan and Aasma help Raja understand Alia’s evil? Isn’t the track repeating again like Jasmin had married Amrik to take revenge on Fateh and Tejo? Keep reading for a full written update on Udaariyaan 4th December 2023.

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Raja beckons Alia to receive blessings from the elders. He then attempts to coerce Armaan into joining him in a dance, but the latter firmly refuses and insists that they eat first. Despite Raja’s initial refusal, Armaan convinces him to dine by mentioning the homemade kheer. Aasma invites Alia to accompany her home, as she offers to drop her off. Armaan’s parents express their gratitude to Alia for assisting Raja. However, before she can depart, Raja appears and proclaims that Alia is now his wife. He invites her to join him in seeing their room.

Aasma informs Raja that she is leaving for the Pagphere ritual, but he argues that it takes place on the following day after the wedding ceremony and thus, Alia cannot leave. Ekam arrives and harshly interrogates Aasma about the situation since she had promised to bring back Alia home. Armaan’s aunt interjects, stating that despite it being unintentional, a marriage has taken place. Ekam declares that this marriage is not valid and tries to take Alia back home with him. In a bid to stop her from leaving, Raja follows her. Armaan resorts to slapping Raja in order to put an end to his stubbornness. Ekam points out that Raja is in need of treatment rather than marriage.

He expresses his reservations about giving his daughter’s hand in marriage to someone who lacks maturity and cannot even take care of himself. This triggers a heated argument between Ekam and Gill, prompting Aasma to intervene and diffuse the situation. In the midst of the chaos, Raja grabs a stick and attempts to attack Ekam, but Alia steps in between them, much to Raja’s delight. Raja then asks Alia to talk to Ekam for a while. Observing their interaction, Aasma notices that Alia seems to understand Raja better as she had stayed with him at the center for two months.

Alia then requests Ekam for permission to stay until nightfall, promising to return home once Raja falls asleep. Aasma joins her in requesting Ekam to allow Alia to stay, which he eventually agrees upon on the condition that Aasma takes care of her. Neetu and Dadi remark that society views Alia as Raja’s wife now. However, Armaan argues. Alia arrives and is immediately confronted by Armaan. Aasma also joins in, accusing Alia of scheming to get close to Raja at the center and eventually marry him. However, Raja steps in to defend Alia and she boldly proclaims that she is his wife and will not leave him.

Armaan suggests that they forget their fake marriage and legally register their union at the marriage office. He convinces Raja to let Alia return home. Later, Aasma questions Armaan about his decision, but he stands by it, revealing that there must be a significant reason for Alia’s actions. The episode concludes with Armaan revealing that Alia’s true intentions will be exposed when they go to court for the registration process. He explains that neither Alia nor Ekam have shown up, but to everyone’s surprise, Alia appears when they try to cancel the registration, shocking both Armaan and Aasma.


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