Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Update Reyansh in tears

Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Update Reyansh in tears

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Barsatein 6th December 2023 Written Update Reyansh in tears. The pandit explains the significance of the sacred thread that Jai and Aradhana are about to hold as the Gathbandhan. However, when he instructs them to hold it, Jai refuses, prompting Aradhana to question him. Frustrated, Jai reminds her that she constantly talks about getting married today, but fails to acknowledge that they are marrying each other. He brings up their future as a couple and mentions how Reyansh’s influence is causing her to forget the true importance of marriage in her quest for revenge. In a final plea, Jai asks Aradhana to take a moment and consider her actions. Meanwhile, Reyansh stands outside the police station with a somber expression. Jai and Aradhana both face questions from their fellow prisoners regarding their decision to marry.

Jai explains that his peer won’t comprehend his reasons, while Aradhana remembers being asked the same by another inmate, Jagruti. She then conveys her understanding of Jai and accepts his proposal knowing she will never love him. Similarly, Jai always prioritized Aradhana’s happiness over any expectations from her. He also shares his thoughts on love with her, to which she reciprocates by sharing her perspective on love with her fellow prisoner. Reyansh reflects on the events following Aradhana’s bold challenge and her decision to marry Jai, which left her feeling sad. The next day, upon her release from prison, Aradhana discovers Reyansh asleep outdoors with a car adorned with a ‘Just Married’ banner nearby.

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She sits down beside him, waking him up. Reyansh acknowledges his defeat at her hands and also reminisces about when he fell in love with her. However, Aradhana reminds him of the pain he caused her. In response, Reyansh explains that love often comes with suffering, but Aradhana disagrees as she has a different perspective on love. She adds that they must both live with the memories they once created together. Later, Aradhana reveals that she did not go through with marrying Jai as he helped her understand that it was wrong. This revelation brings relief to Reyansh. However, his mood shifts when Aradhana explains that she plans on marrying Jai properly. This news leaves Reyansh feeling upset and conflicted.

Aradhana contacts her lawyer, who informs Reyansh that he is not allowed near her due to restraining orders. Later, she accuses him of mentally harassing her, her family, and her fiancé in front of everyone. She also reminds him that the next two days are court leave and he cannot interfere with her marriage to Jai. She then leaves with Jai and Reyansh is taken to prison. Determined to stop the wedding, Reyansh vows not to let Aradhana marry Jai. However, Aradhana imagines marrying Reyansh and becomes upset at the thought. Meanwhile, her dupatta catches fire when they take their wedding vows. Malini and Bhakti enter Aradhana’s room and express their joy at seeing her as a bride, but they also miss Kimaya. Soon after, Kriti aka Kiki arrives and begs for forgiveness from Aradhana. Despite feeling happy that Kiki is participating in her wedding, Aradhana agrees to let Kiki bring Haldi from Jai’s house. Kiki embraces Aradhana but sneaks a smirk without anyone noticing.


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