Udaariyaan 8th December 2023 Written Update Armaan accuses Alia

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Udaariyaan 8th December 2023 Written Update Armaan accuses Alia. Aasma excitedly announces Alia’s arrival and her plans to prepare food in the wood oven. Chachi agrees, acknowledging that Aasma is right. Despite their offers to help, Aasma insists on cooking alone and proves skilled at creating a tasty meal. Curious about Alia’s cooking abilities, Chachi jokes with her, but Alia confidently assures them that she knows how to cook well. She promises to make another delicious dish for everyone to enjoy. Aasma then orders Alia to start cooking, but she struggles to light the fire and begins to feel overwhelmed. Aasma laughs, teasing her and adding in a request for a curry as well.

Alia makes a face at the vegetables and makes an excuse to leave the room, causing everyone to laugh at her expense. Taking charge of the situation, Alia suggests they all take a break while she cooks. Feeling triumphant, Alia challenges Aasma by asking if she thinks she has won before starting a countdown. Suddenly, they hear Raja’s voice and Aasma rushes outside to check on him. Armaan reminds Raja not to ride the bike, as he is riding it without control. Alia recalls how she requested Raja to take her to the temple on his bike, as she could not break her fast without it.

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Armaan explains to Raja that he will teach him how to ride properly. Aasma wonders what game Alia is playing with Raja and quickly rushes towards her. She asks her to come outside, but Alia makes a mockery of her. As a result, Raja falls off the bike. Alia then warns Aasma that she will do the same if she interferes with her again, pretending to care for Raja’s well-being. Upon seeing Raja’s injury, Aasma suggests taking him to the hospital for his dislocated hand, and they all leave together. Armaan suspects that Alia is the mastermind behind it all, as he takes her away from the doctor who confirmed that Raja’s hand is not fractured and an X-ray is needed. Aasma secretly follows the pair.

Armaan confronts Alia, accusing her of causing the accident. Alia defends herself, stating that she would never do something like that because she is fasting for his well-being. Armaan reveals that he knows she asked Raja to learn how to ride a bike to take her to the temple. However, Alia assures him that she did not make any such request and suggests that perhaps he misunderstood the situation. She explains that Raja may have seen Armaan taking Aasma on a bike and thought it was okay for him to do the same with her. Raja agrees with Alia’s explanation, much to Armaan’s disbelief. Alia pleads with them, insisting that she would never intentionally harm Raja.

The family members scold Armaan for getting angry without understanding the situation clearly. Aasma leads him away from there and reflects on why he acted so impulsively instead of thinking things through first. Armaan expresses that his brother was being hurt, so how could he remain silent? Meanwhile, Alia consoles Raja with a kiss and claims that he believes everyone adores him in this place. However, that is far from the truth. He is being treated like a child and dismissed by all. She incited him against his family members. Alia urges Raja not to talk with Aasma.

Armaan accuses Aasma of being used by Alia for her agenda. Though Aasma agrees, she cannot confess this to him. Raja later comforts Alia, and Armaan claims that Raja is like a brother to him. Alia’s involvement in Raja’s life was due to Armaan, and he won’t let her ruin it. Concerned about Raja’s well-being, Aasma asks Armaan to control his temper and promises to talk to Alia herself. However, she warns that any harm done to Alia will also impact Raja, thus asking for Armaan’s assurance not to take any action against her.


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