Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Update Kavya trapped

Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Update Kavya trapped

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Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Update Kavya trapped. Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist, on Tellyreviews.com Kavya is taken aback by the head senior’s comments at her duty office. Amarpreet explains that many IAS officers tend to abuse their authority, but she believes they should have self-control to avoid causing harm. Regarding the mission, Kavya’s senior had already warned her against going alone and to wait for the head’s arrival. Kavya remains silent, realizing her senior won’t admit his mistake, and purposely sets her up for a scolding on her first day. Amarpreet steps out to find Adi surrounded by furniture and appliances, further fueling her frustration.

Amarpreet confronts Kavya about her recent actions, questioning whether she wants to transform the government office into a luxury hotel room. Adi claims he has only purchased the necessary items, but Kavya takes responsibility and promises it won’t happen again. Bringing Adi to the cabin, Kavya expresses disappointment in his unnecessary actions and lack of understanding of the consequences. Confused, Adi is asked to leave by Kavya. Later, Amarpreet calls Kavya into her office and reveals that there is a mole leaking information from within. Tasked with uncovering the traitor, Kavya becomes suspicious of one particular officer and decides to tail him.

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However, her plan backfires when she enters a cold storage room and the officer locks her inside, leaving her freezing and vulnerable. Concerned for Kavya, Adi arrives at the cabin and begins his search for her. Kavya gets shivering in the cold and has trouble breathing. She gets dizzy and is about to drop. Will Adi reach Kavya and save her life? Tellyreviews.com presents the latest updates on Kavya – a story of passion and obsession. Find out all the gossip, twists, and future developments in this gripping tale. Stay informed with our regularly updated news on what’s to come in Kavya.

Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Update Kavya trapped:

Amanpreet comments on Kavya’s behavior and advises her to always remain in control of her emotions. She reminds her that it is her first day, otherwise he would have taken disciplinary action against her. Adi welcomes Kavya with a new chair, air purifier, and personal tea kettle. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Adi accidentally spills tea on some important papers. He quickly apologizes to Kavya, who reacts angrily and calls him an idiot. She even brings up her father’s opinion about Adi’s lack of understanding of struggle. Frustrated by the situation, Adi leaves the room.

Kavya clears away Adi’s belongings and silently expresses regret to him. Malini inquires about the situation and Adi responds with confusion, stating that Kavya believes he is unworthy of her. Feeling hurt, Adi walks away. Omi compliments Giriraj on his accurate aim. Amanpreet enquires with Kavya about any food available. Kavya, in turn, offers her some Halwa prepared by Giriraj Pradhan. Curious, Amanpreet asks Kavya for the story behind it, to which Kavya replies that it’s a long one. Meanwhile, Giriraj questions Adi about his trip to drop off Kavya and Adi dismisses him.

In the meantime, Amanpreet prompts Kavya to share her thoughts on Adi. Later, Aman Chadda advises Kavya that she should not have gone to the unlicensed liquor shop and that she must find the informant or face suspension. Agreeing to do so, Kavya tries calling Adi but he does not answer. As she returns home, her family inquires about her first day at work. Mimicking her boss Amanpreet, Kavya praises her coolness and expresses her desire to be like her someday. However, she also ponders over how to make Adi happy.


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