Udaariyaan 11th December 2023 Written Update Huge drama

Udaariyaan 11th December 2023 Written Update Huge drama

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Udaariyaan 11th December 2023 Written Update Huge drama. Udaariyaan Spoilers, Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News, and Upcoming Twist on Tellyreviews.com Upon arriving, Ekam greets the family but pointedly ignores Alia. Detecting a change in her demeanor, Aasma suspects something is amiss with Alia. Nana intervenes, urging Ekam to let go of whatever incident occurred and not act hostile towards his sister-in-law in her own home. Meanwhile, Alia seethes with jealousy as she watches Aasma and Armaan perform the pooja together. She fixates on the pot and sneers at Aasma, confident that it will all be over soon.

Pandit announces that the pooja is complete and instructs them to prepare for the Aarti ritual. But Alia continues to glare at Aasma, while the pandit tasks her with fetching Ganga water. With this request, Alia’s plan comes to mind – having gifted a dress to Raja earlier, she had convinced him that Aasma was not a bad person and arranged for this pooja as a gesture of goodwill. In return, she had asked Raja to splash Ganga water on Aasma during the ceremony.

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Raja apologizes to Aasma for his actions, and Alia is pleased to witness it. The rest of the family is stunned by his behavior, but he expresses gratitude towards Aasma for her care towards everyone. There is a distinct smell of kerosene in the air, causing Ekam to mention it. A flashback crosses Alia’s mind as she remembers adding kerosene to the water, which ultimately leads to her dupatta catching on fire. Armaan will attempt to rescue Aasma, while Ekam takes action against Raja for his attempt to harm his daughter. Meanwhile, Sukhi resorts to pointing a gun at Ekam’s head. Get ready for all the latest updates on Udaariyan, including spoilers, upcoming storylines, gossip, future developments, news, and unexpected turns only on Tellyreviews.com

Udaariyaan 11th December 2023 Written Update Huge drama:

Armaan and Ekam quickly come to Aasma’s rescue. Alia, who is relieved by their actions, scolds Raja for his behavior. She then pretends to check on Aasma’s well-being and turns to Raja. Ekam slaps Raja and accuses him of attempting to harm his daughter. He firmly believes that Raja should leave the house. However, Armaan intervenes and reminds them that they are brothers. Aasma explains that Raja mistook kerosene for water and didn’t realize the danger. Ekam argues that he shouldn’t even have access to kerosene if he is mentally unstable. He slaps Raja again in frustration.

Meanwhile, Alia reflects on the Grahshanthi puja she performed earlier. Ekam recounts his misfortune, with his daughter bearing the brunt. Armaan intervenes and urges him to compose himself. However, Sukhi can’t contain his frustration and ends up lashing out at Rano. He demands an explanation as to why their mother is being reprimanded for it. Ekam decides that he doesn’t want his daughters to stay in this house any longer and insists that they come with him. Aasma objects, stating that she cannot leave this house. Nana agrees, acknowledging that it’s not right to take her away abruptly. Nana leads Ekam away from the situation.

Alia sarcastically claps and reveals her scheme of arranging a grahshanthi pooja to convince her father, only for things to escalate further today. Alia admits that she has trapped herself in her plan, as Raja is now back in the mental hospital due to her actions. She insinuates that someone may have encouraged him to harm her by pouring kerosene on her. Aasma is shocked and quickly covers herself with a dupatta upon noticing Armaan’s presence there. Alia pleads for her to put it on or risk getting chilled. Armaan shoves her away, throwing the dupatta onto her face, accusing her of orchestrating everything. He vents his anger towards her before taking Aasma away.

Alia acknowledges her completed mission while Armaan assists Aasma in showering. The two share an intimate moment under the shower. Later, Raja expresses remorse for his actions and Armaan comforts him. Armaan inquires who instructed him to pour water on Aasma, and he reveals Alia’s involvement, which enrages Armaan. However, Aasma intervenes and urges him to stay calm. Meanwhile, Alia is dancing in triumph in her room when Aasma arrives with a pot in hand. Aasma pours water over Alia and shatters the pot on the floor. Alia inquires about her actions, to which Aasma responds that she was simply returning the favor. She admits that she takes pleasure in seeing others suffer. Alia reveals that Aasma had poured kerosene on her earlier and expresses fear that she might kill her.

In response, Aasma suggests they play a game and promptly closes the door. Panicked, Alia reminds her that they are sisters and pleads with her not to harm her. Aasma asks for more pleading and threatens to call their family or father to take Alia back home. Eventually, Aasma reveals that it was all just a prank and confesses that she could never harm her sister as she is not like Alia. However, she warns Alia to stop playing with their family or else she will not hold back from hurting her next time. Sukhi remembers the hurtful words Ekam said to him.

Shortly after, Rano arrives with a plate of food and encourages him to eat it. However, he lashes out at her and she falls to the ground. The commotion catches Aasma’s attention, prompting Chachi to comment on Sukhi’s behavior. Fed up, Sukhi declares that he never wants to see Rano again. To diffuse the situation, Aasma intervenes and goes to check on Rano. But what she sees leaves her in shock.


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