Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Lakshmi saves Neelam's life

Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Lakshmi saves Neelam’s life

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Bhagya Lakshmi New Promo Lakshmi saves Neelam’s life. Sonal leaks the gas in the kitchen, and shouts to call Rishi and Ayush. She alerts the family about the fire. Rishi and Ayush fail to see Balwinder’s video on the phone, after getting distracted by Sonal’s plan. They miss to see Balwinder’s confession. Malishka and Sonal succeed in erasing the evidence. Later, the viewers will see a new track as per the promo.

Rishi throws a lavish party for Neelam’s birthday. Neelam gets into a huge danger when the chandelier falls on the ground and breaks into pieces. The plan was to harm Lakshmi. Neelam comes under the chandelier, but Lakshmi pushes Neelam in time and saves her life. Malishka cleverly blames Lakshmi for the chandelier accident.

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Neelam is thankful to Lakshmi for saving her, but Malishka makes sure that Lakshmi is held guilty. She tells Rishi that he has left Neelam for the sake of his love, and today his love is responsible for Neelam’s condition. Rishi gets scared for Neelam’s life. Lakshmi overhears the family’s discussion about her and gets tense that Rishi will leave her. Keep reading.



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