Anupama Big twist MaAn union turns out to be dreamy

Anupama Big twist MaAn union turns out to be dreamy

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Anupama Big twist MaAn union turns out to be dreamy. The mega episode of Anuj and Anupama has finally come. She leaves the hotel after Yashpal fires her from the job. Anuj feels Aadhya suffered a panic attack because of a big reason. He fears that something might happen to Aadhya. He thinks of the possibility that Aadhya has met Anupama. Anuj tells Shruti about the childhood incident that traumatized Anu. He adds that he left the house because of Anu. Shruti asks him what happened between Anupama and him. Anuj doesn’t tell her anything. Shruti wants to know who is Anupama. Anupama wanders on the road and weeps.

Anuj also walks on the road in a restless state of mind. Anupama and Anuj come face to face after so many years in a sudden moment, that freezes them and leaves them speechless. Anupama cries on meeting Anuj. Anuj hugs her and expresses his happiness. He asks her why did she leave him. She replies that she realized she isn’t wanted in his life, her old relationships had become baggage for her and Anuj was getting hurt because of her. She wants to see him happy. He says that he isn’t happy without her.

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He reveals about Shruti. He invites Anupama to her marriage with Shruti. Anupama accepts the invite for the sake of his happiness. He hugs her and tells her that he isn’t happy without her. It turns out to be Anuj’s imagination. Anupama gets miraculous help from Yashpal’s mother, who takes her back to the cafe and speaks to Yashpal to hire Anupama on the job again.



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