6 Iconic Anupama Promos to rewind MaAn journey

6 Iconic Anupama Promos to rewind MaAn journey

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6 Iconic Anupama Promos to rewind MaAn’s journey. 1. Anupama reaches the Reunion party, where Anuj makes an entry. Anuj introduces himself to Anupama as her classmate. Vanraj gets jealous watching them bond. Anupama gets a new friend in Anuj, growing insecurity in the Shah family. Anupama and Anuj’s meeting becomes a memorable one.

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2. Anupama learns Anuj’s feelings and respects them. She tells him that he has loved her for the last 26 years. He admits his feelings to her. He apologizes to her and asks her to forget it. She thanks him for loving her so much. She says that she respects his love, but can’t love him back, she can just become his friend and asks him to not keep any expectations. Anuj is delighted that she considers him as a friend.

3. Anupama finally gives her consent for marriage. She gets to hear many remarks from others but doesn’t let it break her down. She falls in love with Anuj and accepts his proposal. Anuj asks her to stop listening to the world and follow her heart.

4. Anupama’s new journey is initiated when she marries Anuj and becomes the Bahu of the influential Kapadia family. Barkha advises Anupama to not lower their standards. Anupama sets her standards on her own, disregarding Barkha’s advice. Anupama is proud to belong to a middle-class family. Anupama gears up to help others while being the very own Anupama.

5. Kanta tells Anupama that she regrets to get Anupama married at an early age. She wishes Anupama could have made her career instead of stepping into a marital bond. Anupama asks her not to have any regrets. She knows its life and one has to accept it as it comes. Kanta surprises her by gifting her a dance academy. She says that a start doesn’t depend on age. Anupama happily hugs her.

6. Anupama makes a new start in her life and doesn’t know that Deepu has developed feelings for her. Anuj and Deepu become friends and learn about their personal lives. They both give their best wishes to each other, unaware that they are talking about the same person, Anupama.



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