Bhagya Lakshmi 11th February 2024 Written Update Lakshmi dead

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th February 2024 Written Update Lakshmi dead

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Bhagya Lakshmi 11th February 2024 Written Update Lakshmi dead. Neelam tells Lakshmi that she doesn’t want to see her face. She rebukes Lakshmi and asks her to leave the house. She thinks her family will never stay happy until Lakshmi casts her inauspicious shadow over them. She ousts Lakshmi. Lakshmi is heartbroken that Rishi has abandoned her. Rishi cries in sorrow. Neelam consoles him. Lakshmi reaches Pritam and Rano’s house. Rano asks her to go back to Rishi’s house because she belongs there. Lakshmi tells them that she will not go back to Oberoi’s house. Pritam asks where will she go. Lakshmi decides to go to her village and start a new life there. Ayush brings the bad news of the train getting derailed and many people losing their innocent lives. He says that Lakshmi was traveling in the same train and they have lost her forever. He adds that Lakshmi is no more. Harleen and Rishi are shocked.

As seen before, Lakshmi beckons Rishi to speak with her, acknowledging his current state of anger. However, Rishi then declares the end of their relationship and expresses regret for marrying her, stating that he now holds disdain for her. He insists that she leave with her negative energy and departs from him and his family. He then accuses her of possessing insincere love and concern before demanding that she vacate the premises. Amid their heated exchange, Malishka looks on with a smirk. Finally, Rishi instructs Lakshmi to leave permanently and get out immediately. This shocking revelation leaves Lakshmi in disbelief.

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Bhagya Lakshmi 11th February 2024 Written Update Lakshmi dead:

As Lakshmi packs her belongings, ready to leave, she spots Rishi and Neelam. Neelam inquires why Lakshmi is still here, despite being asked to vacate the house. She then insists that Lakshmi must leave immediately. Karishma forcefully removes Lakshmi from the house and shuts the door behind her. Overcome by emotions, Lakshmi reminisces about her time spent in the house and wipes away her tears. She seeks refuge at Rano’s house, where Pritam and Rano are surprised to see her.

Rano makes a snide comment about Lakshmi’s presence there and requests her to return to Rishi’s home since it is now her rightful place. However, Lakshmi refuses and states that she cannot go back there. Prateek interrupts and asks where she plans on going instead. Lakshmi replies that she will head back to Gurdaspur. Preetam expresses concern over how she will manage there, but Lakshmi asserts that she will make do with whatever resources are available in her village. At this point, Rano suggests that Lakshmi should continue sending any money earned through agriculture back to them.

Lakshmi boards the train to Gurdaspur, her mind consumed with thoughts of Rishi begging her not to leave. In her dream, she sees him falling at the station. Shaken from her reverie, Lakshmi realizes it is all just a figment of her imagination. Concerned friends, Shalu and Bani, question Preetam and Rano about letting Lakshmi go. In a last-ditch effort to stop her, they rush to the train station but unfortunately, the train has already departed by the time they arrive. Ayush contacts Shalu and she informs him that Lakshmi is on her way to Gurdaspur via train.

After discarding her bangles out the window, Lakshmi watches as her train suddenly derails. The bangles and her ticket land beside a woman seated next to her. Nearby, Shalu learns of the incident from others while Ayush overhears it over the phone. Meanwhile, Rishi considers tossing out a photo album but Harleen intervenes, reminding him that disposing of it won’t erase all memories of Lakshmi. As if on cue, Ayush approaches Rishi with news of Lakshmi’s train derailing, leaving Rishi in shock.

Upon seeing Rishi rush away, Malishka assumes the house will now be hers since Lakshmi is no longer around. She approaches Rishi to inquire about his hasty exit and he reveals that Lakshmi’s train had derailed. Ignoring Malishka’s attempts to stop him, Rishi heads to the site of the accident where he discovers Lakshmi’s lifeless body and takes her bangles from the hospital staff. In shock, Rishi learns that Lakshmi has already been cremated. Overcome with grief, Rishi weeps as he approaches Lakshmi’s body. Ayush receives news of the tragedy from Rishi who can be heard shouting out Lakshmi’s name.

Unbeknownst to Rishi, Lakshmi walks past him but is hidden by an ambulance blocking his view. Lakshmi departs for Gurdaspur while Rishi and Ayush return home, where they break the news of Lakshmi’s passing to their family. Upon hearing this, Malishka consoles Rishi. Shortly after, Lakshmi loses consciousness and is informed by the doctor that she is pregnant. She reminisces about her relationship with Rishi before requesting the truck driver to take her to her home in Gurdaspur. Fast forward a few years, children are playing outside when one goes to retrieve a ball from the store room. There, she discovers a fire and calls out for Parvathi’s assistance.






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