Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update New entry

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update New entry

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update New entry. Yug tells Monisha that RV has got married to Purvi. She is shocked to hear this. She tells Harleen that she is RV’s fiancée and she is going to marry him. Harleen calms her down. Monisha meets RV and asks him why he married Purvi, and what’s special in her. He tells her that Purvi is Khushi’s sister and this reason is enough for him to make the wedding move. He tells that he has married Purvi to take revenge on Khushi. He has already promised Khushi that he will abandon Purvi and break the marriage. Keep reading for Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update.

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Bhavani is impressed with Amruta’s quick response in getting Dyaneswari to the hospital on time. Later, Ishika arrives and meets Jayesh, holding Bhavani and Amruta accountable for the situation. Concerned about Virat’s sadness, Dildar approaches him and asks why he is upset. Virat confides in Dildar that Amruta betrayed him by sharing his secret with others. He admits that he trusted Amruta and opened up to her like no one else before. Disappointed with Amruta’s actions, Virat expresses his displeasure towards her. However, Dildar questions whether Virat is sure that Amruta was the one who told Dyaneswari. To which Virat replies that only Amruta knew about it. Stricken with anger, Virat vows to get revenge on Amruta for her betrayal. But Dildar advises him against it as he has already sought revenge before.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update New entry:

Damini tasks Purvi with walking around for Binni, as well as moving from side to side. Upon seeing Monisha at the Malhotra mansion, Deepika is taken aback and inquires about her presence. Curious, Monisha asks Deepika what is happening. Attempting to guide Monisha inside, Deepika is interrupted by Damini who pulls her aside. Meanwhile, Harleen is informed by Deepika about Monisha’s sudden appearance. Worried that Monisha may uncover the truth, Harleen pleads for a solution to ensure she remains unaware of Purvi and RV’s marriage.

In response, Harleen promptly takes Deepika away from the situation. Dadaji tells RV to behave properly towards Purvi, who then explains that he cannot do so due to personal reasons. He debates this with Dadaji before snapping back to reality and realizing it was all just a daydream. Dadaji inquires about RV’s thoughts, to which RV replies with nonchalance. As Monisha approaches Dadi and embraces her, Yug and Dadi search for Dadaji and stumble upon her instead. Unaware of Monisha’s identity, Yug is surprised when she hugs Dadi. Meanwhile, Damini requests Purvi to sing a song and she obliges after locating Deepika. Monisha approaches Dadi to inquire about the woman under the Gungat, mesmerized by her singing.

Yug confirms that it is RV’s wife, Purvi, and encourages Monisha to congratulate her, remarking on her beauty. As Monisha observes Purvi and walks away, Purvi wonders about her identity since she abruptly left during the Mu Dikhai Ritual. Monisha turns to Harleen and Deepika for an explanation, but Harleen asks her to remain calm. However, Monisha cannot understand how she can remain calm when RV is engaged to her and is now married to someone else. She accuses them of purposely sending her away for a course to betray her. Deepika denies any betrayal, but Monisha insists that this is exactly what has occurred. She demands answers from RV and sets off in search of him.

As Monisha ascends the stairs, her dress gets tangled and a servant comes to her aid. She soon departs from the area, catching the attention of Purvi. When asked who she is, the guests reveal that she is Monisha – a fiery individual who will make herself known in due time. They caution Purvi to be wary of Monisha’s actions and make comments about her character. Meanwhile, Monisha approaches RV and questions him about his engagement ring. She asks how he could betray her despite knowing how much she loves him. RV responds by assuring her that he is aware of it all, but Monisha persists, wondering why he would marry someone else. He calmly clarifies that Purvi is not just anyone – she is Khushi’s sister. This prompts Monisha to question why he would choose to marry Purvi after everything Khushi did to him. RV reveals that it’s all for revenge.






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