Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update DNA twist

Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update DNA twist

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Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update DNA twist. Rajveer tells Palki whatever the doctor told him. He adds that there was some chemical sprayed on the flowers. Shaurya mocks Rajveer for getting cheap flowers for Palki. He further jokes about Rajveer’s poor financial background. He asks Rajveer if he didn’t check the flowers before buying them. He calls Rajveer careless in buying cheap flowers. Karan talks to his friend Manish. He asks Manish to wait for him at the hospital. He says that he has urgent work. He wants to get Rajveer and his DNA test done, because of his doubt that Rajveer is his long-lost son Rudra. will Karan confirm the truth and Rajveer’s identity with the DNA test results? How will the Luthras react knowing Rajveer is their grandson Rudra Luthra? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update.

Earlier, Daljeet asks Preeta if she doesn’t feel odd by Karan’s behavior. She says that Karan speaks to Preeta as if he has known her for decades. Preeta says that some people bond naturally like she feels connected to Shaurya and Kavya. She feels they are like her family. She answers Daljeet’s query. She doesn’t think Karan’s behavior is something to get suspicious of. Daljeet also agrees with Preeta’s point.

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Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update:

Gurpreet comes home and sees Preeta with the sindoor in her hairline. Daljeet tells her that Karan visited Preeta, she dropped the Aarti plate by mistake, the sindoor fell and Karan applied it to Preeta. Preeta says that it was a coincidence. Gurpreet thinks it’s Preeta and Karan’s fate to be together. She tells Preeta that Sindoor is suiting her a lot and she looks really beautiful. Preeta tells her that she wants to wipe it off. Gurpreet asks her to let it be. Daljeet says that Preeta and Karan might have had a relationship from the past birth. Gurpreet doesn’t want to tell Daljeet about Preeta and Karan’s relationship. Shaurya recalls the way he has hurt Palki just to insult Rajveer.

Shanaya thanks Shaurya for bringing Palki to the family on time. He says they have come in his new car and he is the best driver. He asks her to tell this to Palki because the latter misbehaves with him always. He gets Kavya’s call. Sandy asks Shaurya what he wants to tell Shanaya. Mohit arrives at the party. He finds everyone missing. He asks Varun about Rajveer and Palki. Varun says Palki got a burning sensation on her hand, so Rajveer took her to the hospital. Mohit asks him about Shaurya. Varun says that even though Kavya was doubting Shaurya, it was not his mistake. Mohit goes to speak to Kavya. Kavya asks Shaurya to look at the flowers. She asks him what did he do. She tells him that she will pick the flowers if he denies his mistake. Shaurya says that he has nothing to say. Kavya picks the flowers.

Varun and Mohit ask her not to touch the flowers. Kavya asks Shaurya why is he nervous and what he does. Shaurya asks her if she wants to blame him. He says that she didn’t get any burning sensation on picking the flowers. He adds that Rajveer got the cheap bouquet and he should be questioned. Kavya agrees with him. He doesn’t want her to get hurt, because he is her brother and concerned about her. He asks her to keep the roses away. She apologizes to him. She ends the video call. Sandy asks Shaurya why didn’t Kavya get hurt. Shaurya says that the chemical effect was just active for 30 minutes. He is glad that nothing happened to Kavya.

Rajveer asks the doctor about Palki. The doctor asks him not to worry, Palki’s hand is treated and she is okay now. He adds that she got affected because of the chemical reaction. Palki asks why would the florist put the chemical on the flowers. Rajveer says that maybe he used the chemical to increase the shelf life. The doctor asks Rajveer to know that she would have suffered a lot if she had been a few minutes late. Rajveer thanks him. Shanaya asks Palki is she okay. Palki says that it was some chemical reaction. Rajveer tells about the chemicals applied to the flowers.

Shaurya belittles him about giving cheap flowers to Palki. He asks Rajveer to take money from him if he wants to give any gift to Palki. Palki asks Rajveer not to think much. Shaurya and Shanaya tell Rajveer that they have come on time, or else anything would have happened to Palki. Rajveer apologizes to Palki. He thanks Shaurya for driving a car at speed and bringing them on time, else Palki would have suffered a lot. Shaurya tells them that they should go home, Kavya is waiting and their party is due. Shaurya regrets that his plan failed. They come back home. Kavya enquires about Palki’s well-being. Palki says that she is okay. Shaurya meets some of his friends and asks them if they are drunk.

Rajveer says that the theme is masquerade. Shaurya doesn’t like the theme. Rajveer asks him to just enjoy the party. Karan arrives home and sees Rajveer. He gets emotional. Sandy asks Karan how he came to the party. He worries about seeing Karan. Karan asks him to enjoy the Valentine’s party. Varun greets him. Karan compliments Palki, Kavya, and Shanaya. He says that all his daughters look very pretty. He hugs them. Rajveer remembers Preeta’s pain when he sees Karan. He wants to ruin Karan. He thinks he should take Anshuman’s help. Karan hugs Shaurya. Shaurya asks him what’s wrong that he is showering love. Karan says that he loves Shaurya and Kavya, and also his entire family.

He is sure that Rakhi will get fine soon and come back home. He misses Rakhi. He says that he is getting very emotional today. Shaurya is glad that Karan has come. Karan wants to tell Rajveer that he has come for his sake. He plans to get their DNA test done. He wishes Rajveer well and hugs him. He tries to get a hair sample. He says that he feels dizzy. Kavya asks him to take a rest. Karan says that he is okay. He makes a leave from the party. He wants the DNA test to bring out the truth. He rushes to the hospital. He calls his friend, Dr. Manish. Karan says that he wants to match Rajveer and his DNA.

He feels Rajveer is his son Rudra. He tells that he will come to the hospital and explain everything. Shaurya gets overdrunk. Shanaya stops him. She is concerned for him. Shaurya mocks her. She says that it’s his wish and his decision if he wants to continue drinking. Shaurya praises her maturity. He says that she is happy when he pleases her, but her sister Palki never gets happy with his efforts. She asks him why did he mention Palki. Shaurya tells him that he just thinks of Palki. Shanaya gets confused.






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