Barsatein 12th February 2024 Shorts Baani slams Neeta

Barsatein 12th February 2024 Shorts Baani slams Neeta

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Barsatein 12th February 2024 Shorts Baani slams Neeta. Neeta learns from Jakruti about Aradhana’s death and informs Akash and Varun. Akash gets angry with Neeta for getting involved. Neeta blames Aradhana and receives a call from her boss who insults her. News of the main culprit in a drug scam case being arrested shocks the Khurana family and they worry about being caught. In the office, Reyansh is revealed to be the main culprit and is arrested by the police despite Vikram and Kadambari’s attempts to defend him. Neeta expresses happiness but Akash scolds her, while Pooja and Jakruti try to calm Bhakti down after she sees news of Aradhana’s death.

Baani records Neeta enacting a situation about informing Bhakti of Aradhana’s death, revealing that it was all a ploy to see if Aradhana had feelings for Reyansh or wanted to stay with Jai. Jakruti gets upset with Pooja for not stopping Neeta, but they later learn about Neeta and Akash’s involvement in the drug case scam from Vikram. A heated argument ensues between Baani and Neeta until Pooja and Jakruti intervene. Vikram reports to the inspector about Neeta and Akash’s connection to the drug scandal, but the inspector’s suspicions fall on Kadambari instead. This infuriates Vikram. Meanwhile, Viren reveals to Neeta that Aradhana is actually alive.

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