Bhagya Lakshmi 12th February 2024 Written Update Weird track

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th February 2024 Written Update Weird track

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Bhagya Lakshmi 12th February 2024 Written Update Weird track. Pinky throws the ball in anger and is asked by a girl to retrieve it before getting scolded by their teacher. Upon seeing a fire break out, Pinky shouts for Parvati, who is in class. The other children also hear the commotion and see the fire. As the teacher rushes over and learns that Pinky is trapped inside, Parvati bravely decides to save her. She walks on a plank into the room, while the teacher calls for the watchman to get help from the fire brigade. Meanwhile, she also reaches out to Lakshmi and informs her of the situation, urging her to come quickly. Lakshmi then contacts Shalu and explains that Parvati has gone into the fire to rescue Pinky.

Without hesitation, Shalu drives a tractor with Lakshmi beside her towards school. Parvati invites Pinky to join her, but Pinky declines. After some persuasion, Parvati succeeds in convincing Pinky to accompany her. While on a call, Rishi receives a scolding from someone. Dadi then offers him aarti before he accidentally burns his hand. At the same time, Parvati also suffers an injury. Despite this, Pinky adamantly refuses to leave the location. Lakshmi arrives at the school and inquires about Parvati with the teacher. Upon hearing Lakshmi’s voice, Parvati cries out for assistance. In a rush, Neelam descends the stairs and notices Rishi’s injury. He reassures her that he’s okay and mentions that he has to go to work.

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Dadi then reminds him that he must obtain special permission before departing for the office. Rishi responds with a smile. Lakshmi rescues Pinky and Parvati, checking on the latter’s well-being. Assured that she is alright, Rohan, Rishi’s son, comes downstairs to tend to his father’s burn marks. Though Rishi pretends to be in pain, Rohan sees through her act and playfully scolds her. Despite this, Rishi appreciates his care and playfully pleads for forgiveness when he gets upset. To make amends, Rohan jokingly asks her to act like a chick. Amused by their antics, Neelam gestures to Karishma that Rohan is teasing Rishi.

Realizing this, Rishi happily embraces her son in a hug. Seeing their playful bond, Karishma comments that Rishi made the right decision in standing by Rohan. Similarly impressed, Neelam adds that leaving Lakshmi was also a wise choice on Rishi’s part. In recognition of Lakshmi’s heroism and the heartwarming moment between mother and son, the kids and teachers applaud with admiration.






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