Jhanak 12th February 2024 Written Update Miracle

Jhanak 12th February 2024 Written Update Miracle

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Jhanak 12th February 2024 Written Update Miracle. Jhanak is worried about how she can get to Anirudh. Thankfully, Choton assures her that he will assist her in entering Anirudh’s ward. Despite arriving at the hospital, Jhanak is aware that she may not be allowed to go inside. However, she is determined to touch Anirudh’s forehead but is unsure of how to do so. Choton motivates her to follow through with her desire and reveals that he is aware of her secret after Anirudh shared the marriage truth with him.

Choton and Jhanak have both made arrangements to visit Anirudh in the OT, but Choton recommends that Jhanak seek permission from the doctors beforehand. However, Jhanak is aware that her family will not support her decision. Upon arriving at the hospital, a nurse informs them that Anirudh is unresponsive. The nurse says that only a miracle can save his life. Choton asks her to allow Jhanak into the OT because only she can save Anirudh. The nurse permits Jhanak to go. As they enter the operation theatre area, Jhanak breaks down seeing Anirudh on the operation table. She prays for his recovery and completes the flower ritual. She quickly leaves from there, knowing Anirudh’s condition is getting better with the power of her love. The nurse compliments Jhanak’s love which holds a magical power. Arshi catches Jhanak and questions her about why she was outside. Keep reading for Jhanak 12th February 2024 Written Update.

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Jhanak 12th February 2024 Written Update Miracle:

Lal expresses concern about the consequences for Jhanak if something happens to Anirudh. Wanting information on Jhanak’s whereabouts, Arshi mentions seeing Choton at the temple. Tanuja reminds everyone that saving Anirudh should be the main focus. Arshi chimes in, sharing a flower she received from a pandit with hopeful words for Anirudh’s recovery. Shubh asks if there is anything they can do to help save him. With just one son, Tanuja questions how Jhanak came between them and ruined everything. A nurse interrupts, informing them that Jhanak wants to perform a puja for Anirudh with flowers she brought and asks permission from the doctor who agrees due to her strong belief. The nurse then goes to call Jhanak.

The nurse confirms the doctor’s permission. Choton says that Jhanak will complete the ritual and return in two minutes and asks Jhanak to change her clothes. Shubh instructs Arshi to give the flowers to Anirudh first, while Tanuja expresses her belief in his recovery. They all send Jhanak into the operating room. Bipasha threatens to harm Jhanak if she sees her there and suggests that they forget about the situation. Arshi is surprised to see Choton there and asks if he went somewhere outside. He denies it and says he’s been waiting there for a while.

Bipasha questions his presence, but Choton explains that he is praying for Jhanak. She then asks where Jhanak is, while she has already gone into Anirudh’s room and breaks down. Arshi insists on visiting Anirudh immediately, but Choton advises entering through the backdoor since they are short on time. Bipasha questions this suggestion, but the doctor reveals that love often defies logic when science fails. Anirudh fondly reminisces about Jhanak and their shared moments. As he becomes aware of his surroundings and opens his eyes, the doctor declares it to be a miracle that the patient is responding positively. The nurse suggests that it may have been due to the presence of the flower.

The doctor emphasizes the importance of Anirudh’s response and decides to move him to the ICU. The nurse inquires if she should inform his family, to which the doctor agrees. She exits with glad tidings – Anirudh’s body is responding! This elicits smiles from everyone present. Arshi eagerly asks if she can visit him and place the flower on his forehead.

Choton intervenes and asks Arshi to hold onto the flower for now; Anirudh is recovering well and they should go downstairs to share this good news with their loved ones. Bipasha wonders if there will be further updates soon, and the nurse assures her that there will be. Choton leads them towards the elevator and thanks the nurse for her help along the way. She understands that they have family matters to attend to and apologizes for bringing up Jhanak’s name earlier. Choton explains that Jhanak is Anirudh’s wife. Jhanak gets very happy on receiving the good news.






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