Kundali Bhagya Shorts 12th February 2024 Karan's stealing act

Kundali Bhagya Shorts 12th February 2024 Karan’s stealing act

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Kundali Bhagya Shorts 12th February 2024 Karan’s stealing act. Gurpreet sees Karan put vermillion on Preeta’s forehead and is surprised. Preeta explains the situation, but Gurpreet and Daljeet think it looks good on her. Preeta feels uncomfortable and goes inside. In the hospital, Shanaya thanks Shaurya for being a good driver and asks him to relay the message to Palki. Mohit visits the Luthra house and asks Varun about Rajveer. Varun tells him everything and reveals that Kavya also suspects Shaurya. Mohit goes inside to confront Shaurya, who is video-called by Kavya. The doctor informs Rajveer that Palki’s burning sensation was caused by a harmful chemical in the flower bouquet he gave her.

Shanaya asks for an explanation and Shaurya scolds Rajveer for buying cheap flowers with chemicals. Palki defends Rajveer saying it’s common for flowers to have chemicals nowadays. Rajveer apologizes to Palki for something and thanks Shaurya for driving fast. Shaurya’s plan fails and they all go to Luthra house where Kavya asks about a doctor. Palki explains everything and Karan arrives. Karan hugs everyone and then proceeds towards Rajveer. He secretly takes Rajveer’s hair for a DNA test. He calls the doctor while Shaurya drinks heavily and talks about Palki to Shanaya.

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