Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update Risky Take

Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update Risky Take

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Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update Risky Take. Amrish speaks to Amba and clears her doubts. He reminds her that he had made a promise to keep the family together, so he cannot go back on his word and allow Dhawal to leave. After giving food to Amba, he assures her that he will handle the situation properly. She begins eating as Amrish expresses his gratitude towards her. He then gives her water and mentions that Hetal will bring her medicine. Making his way downstairs, Amrish instructs Natasha to explain the final plan.

She explains that Amrish must initially deny but eventually agree after an argument, for Dhawal to see a positive change in him. Pranali feels that regaining Dhawal’s trust will be a challenging task. To make it seem more believable, Natasha suggests that Amrish could give Pranali a first aid kit as a gift. However, Amrish questions the effectiveness of this plan. Natasha confidently assures him that it will work and she is determined to not leave the Makhwana house until she succeeds in bringing Dhawal back. As they continue their discussion about the clinic’s venue and decorations, Pranali expresses her admiration for Natasha’s efforts which have accomplished what no one else could.

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Unfortunately, Amba overhears their conversation and plans to shut down Pranali’s clinic. Isha and Chiku inform Suman of her upcoming cooking class. They lie once again. Suman understands it’s a lie. She stays calm. She inquires if they require any practice at home while she attends. She suggests Isha cook the Sushi from her previous lesson. However, Isha expresses doubt as she is unfamiliar with the recipe. In response, Chiku recommends searching online and offers to check for ingredients at the market. Meanwhile, Amrish invites Bhaven to join him in the same car, but he declines stating his opposition towards Pranali’s actions. Bhaven says that once Pranali sits in the clinic her relationship with him will come to an end.

Amba then attempts to stir up Amrish by suggesting that bringing one brother home may result in losing another and pleads for the inauguration to be canceled. Despite Amba’s efforts, she feels like Amrish is not listening and decides to turn to Bhaven for help. The other ladies celebrate by taking a group selfie in front of Pranali’s name board at the clinic. Overcome with emotion, Pranali embraces Natasha, grateful for helping her achieve her dreams. Reminding Bhaven that he knows how to prevent a doctor from practicing, Amba’s plan dawns on him and he smirks knowingly. Hetal promises to put in her best effort for Golu’s dreams to come true as well. Pranali asks Natasha about Dhawal’s potential arrival.

Natasha responds that she hopes he will. Dolly affirms that Dhawal deeply cares for Natasha and will surely come because of her. As Amba reaches the clinic, Natasha searches for Dhawal. Chirag politely urges Amba not to use her phone as they are still on a conference call with Natasha. Despite the request, Amba continues to be dramatic. Later, she calls Bhaven to check if he has managed to get the medicines she needs. Finally, Dhawal arrives at the clinic and is delighted to see it. Natasha becomes an inspiration for all the Makhwana bahus. Dhawal is happy to see his family progressing. Will Natasha’s plan work? Stay tuned.






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