Pandya Store Shorts 12th February 2024 Dhawal's arrival

Pandya Store Shorts 12th February 2024 Dhawal’s arrival

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Pandya Store Shorts 12th February 2024 Dhawal’s arrival. Pranali expresses doubt about regaining Dhawal’s trust, so Natasha suggests a plan involving a first aid kit from Amrish. Amrish questions if the plan will work, but Natasha is confident and determined to bring back Dhawal. They discuss setting up Pranali’s clinic and Amba overhears with negative intentions. Isha and Chiku inform Suman about going to a cooking class, where Suman asks Isha to cook Sushi she learned last time. Chiku suggests looking online for instructions. Amresh asks Bhavin to join him but Bhavin refuses due to his disapproval of Pranali’s actions. Bhavin and Pranali’s relationship will end once she starts working at the clinic. Amba tries to convince Amrish to stop the inauguration.

The ladies are excited about Pranali’s clinic and take selfies together. Pranali hugs Natasha for helping her achieve her dream. Amba plans to use Bhavin’s help to stop Pranali from practicing. Hetal promises to help Golu achieve his dreams too. Dolly believes Dhawal will come because he loves Natasha. Amba calls Bhavin for medicine and Dhawal arrives at the clinic, happy with its success. Dhawal and Amresh engage in an argument over Amresh’s gift of a box of fake medicines for Pranali, causing Dhawal to become upset. Natasha is perplexed by the situation but makes up her mind to find a way to reconcile them.

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