Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update Shruti shatters

Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update Shruti shatters

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Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update Shruti shatters. Shruti emerges from the spa, attempting to reach Anuj via phone, but he remains lost in thought and unresponsive. Aadhya contacts Shruti, seeking to know their whereabouts. Shruti explains being at the spa due to leg pain, though Aadhya’s suspicions linger, hinting at Anuj’s possible rendezvous with Anupama. Meanwhile, Vanraj’s encounter with Titu sparks apprehensions about surveillance cameras installed at the academy. Amidst this, Anuj and Anupama engage in a poignant conversation, delving into life’s complexities and the dynamics with their children. Anuj’s sentiments for Anupama come to the forefront, revealing his enduring affection.

Back with Shruti, she grapples with the temptation of enjoying her favorite cake while maintaining her ideal image. Anuj’s fervent plea for Anupama to stay and converse stirs apprehension in Aadhya, who fears potential heartache. As the emotional currents swirl, tensions rise, and relationships hang in the balance, the narrative unfolds with a delicate interplay of longing, uncertainty, and the quest for understanding. Anupama declares that our paths should remain unfinished, with no additions to this tale and only a simple period. Anuj lovingly proclaims his adoration for her, insisting that it will never fade. They both then turn their heads to find Shruti behind. Shruti gives them a helpless teary-eyed look. Keep reading for Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update.

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Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update Shruti shatters:

Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t have anything to say, but he wants to ask her, why did she leave Choti and him. Anupama tells him that she was giving them pain instead of happiness, he was hurt by her past baggage and she left him. He realizes his words. He says that people speak a lot in anger, but don’t mean those words. He apologizes to Anupama. She asks him not to apologize, but she has indeed given him much pain.

On the other hand, Vanraj checks the CCTV footage and finds Dimpy with Titu. He has no problem with Dimpy’s happiness but doesn’t want to lose Ansh. He is against Dimpy’s remarriage. Anupama says that she couldn’t solve their relationship, so she left the string completely. Anuj tells her that one shouldn’t end the relationship even if it has problems. Anupama reminds him that he has suffered a lot because of her. He says that he is her husband and he has a right to get upset, she should have argued with him and explained to him, that they should have stayed together. He poetically explains to her. She says that she just wanted to see his happiness. He says that fate has brought them together, which means she hasn’t forgotten him till now and he can never forget her. She asks him to stop talking to her.

Anuj tells her that her name is a part of his life and soul. He doesn’t think she can make him quiet. She asks him to just stop it. He continues to take her name as it echoes in his mind all this time. Anupama asks him to just stop it. Their argument catches the attention of the people. Anupama reminds him that Shruti’s name is connected to him now. He replies that he can’t cheat Shruti. He confesses love to Anupama. She asks him to think well, Aadhya hates her and she wants Shruti as her mom. Anuj says that he won’t live for Aadhya from now on. He wants to live for himself.

She asks him not to ruin Shruti and Aadhya’s lives. She doesn’t want to give more sorrow to Aadhya. She decides to end their love story. He stops her from deciding anything wrong. Anupama tells him that she can’t lose Aadhya. He tells her that he loves her and he can’t lose her. He wants to unite with her. She refuses to return to his life. They receive a shock when they spot Shruti there. Shruti is shaken to know that Anupama is Anuj’s wife. She weeps. Aadhya fears that Anuj has gone to meet Anupama. She doesn’t want Anupama to come between Anuj and Shruti. Dimpy tells Mahi and Ishani that she will get ghungroos for them and teach them to dance. They ask Dimpy about Titus visiting the house. They want to meet him.

Dimpy says that he was busy and left in a jiffy. They insist she calls Titu. Dimpy agrees and calls Titu. Titu gets a surprising joy when the kids show their love towards him. He asks them to come to the dance academy to meet him. He says that he will tolerate Vanraj’s anger to meet them. He indirectly confesses feelings for Dimpy. She feels glad. Anupama’s saree gets stuck in Anuj’s bracelet. She unties it and runs away. Shruti stares at Anuj with many questions in her eyes. Anuj weeps in pain. The trio splits, walks on the roads sobbing, and pauses to express their grief. Anuj saves Shruti from an accident, while Yashdeep comes to rescue Anupama. Anupama shares her sorrow with Kinjal.






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