Udaariyaan Shorts 12th February 2024 Upcoming Plot

Udaariyaan Shorts 12th February 2024 Upcoming Plot

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Udaariyaan Shorts 12th February 2024 Upcoming Plot. Aasma, feeling a pang of sympathy for Zaid on his special day, takes it upon herself to bake him a cake. The atmosphere is somewhat melancholic as she wonders aloud whether Zaid will truly appreciate the gesture, given the challenges he faces. However, her doubts are soon dispelled by Armaan, who assures her that Zaid will indeed be pleased with her efforts.

As the day unfolds, Alia orchestrates a surprise revelation: it’s Zaid’s birthday, prompting a celebration. Yet, amidst the joyous occasion, tensions simmer as Alia accuses Aasma of hiding her true identity. Aasma finds herself on the defensive, with Alia’s pointed remarks hitting close to home. However, Murtasim steps forward to defend her honor, shedding light on her amnesia and unwavering dedication to her loved ones.

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The situation takes a dramatic turn when Alia decides to involve the authorities, leading to chaos and uncertainty. Faced with the looming threat of police intervention, Aasma makes a split-second decision to leave with Murtasim and Zaid, prioritizing their safety above all else. Sukhi and Baby find themselves at odds over Alia’s actions, highlighting the deep divisions within the family.

During the commotion, Aasma, Murtasim, and Zaid make a hasty departure, their future uncertain as they navigate the fallout of Alia’s actions. As they vanish into the night, the echoes of their departure reverberate through the tense atmosphere, leaving behind a lingering sense of unease and unresolved conflict. Zaid makes a wish to Aasma. He asks Aasma to become his mother and stay with him forever. Alia informs the police about Aasma and asks them to arrest the latter.






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