Bhagya Lakshmi 14th February 2024 Written Update Rishmi meet

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th February 2024 Written Update Rishmi meet

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Bhagya Lakshmi 14th February 2024 Written Update Rishmi meet. After their separation, Rishi and Lakshmi have each built their own lives. A twist in the story takes us seven years ahead. Now, Rishi has taken on the role of a father to Rohan while keeping his mother’s true identity a secret. Meanwhile, Lakshmi shares her life with her daughter, Parvati. As fate would have it, Rohan and Parvati’s school organizes a student exchange program where they are sent to different locations – one to the village and the other to the city.

It is during this exchange that Rishi unexpectedly meets his daughter Parvati while Lakshmi forms a strong bond with Rohan. Upon learning that Rohan will be heading to Gurdaspur, the principal informs Rishi. In a similar exchange program, Parvati successfully convinces Lakshmi to send her to the same town. Rishi then proceeds to call the school principal in Gurdaspur, while Lakshmi promptly picks up the incoming call. Will Parvati and Rohan bring Rishi and Lakshmi back together? Keep reading.

As seen in the show, Lakshmi receives praise for her bravery in rescuing the girls at school. Parvati expresses her pride in Lakshmi, and the principal grants Parvati a holiday, asking Lakshmi to escort her home. Meanwhile, Rishi accompanies Rohan to school. During the journey, Lakshmi questions Parvati about her actions during the rescue, leading to a discussion about missing loved ones, including Parvati’s longing for her father. Despite Lakshmi’s attempts to evade the topic, Parvati persists, prompting emotional reflections from Lakshmi about her past with Rishi.

Later, Lakshmi notices Parvati sleeping in a manner reminiscent of her father and reminisces about their shared dreams for their children. The next day, Rohan’s behavior reminds Rishi of Lakshmi, stirring unresolved emotions. Meanwhile, Parvati expresses a desire for a tractor, which prompts a call from Rano, asking for money. Amidst these personal matters, Rishi faces professional challenges when a client presents an offer that Rishi rejects, resulting in a confrontation. He then receives a summons from the principal, leading to a meeting about a cultural exchange program involving students from the village.

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th February 2024 Written Update Rishmi meet:

The Principal informs Rishi that Rohan has been chosen for the cultural exchange program, where he will join other students from the village school, while some village students will come to their school. Rishi is reminded of Lakshmi’s suggestion to visit the village for a change of pace. The Principal asks him what’s on his mind, just as Rohan enters the room. She explains that Rohan is eager to participate in the trip to Gurdaspur. Excitedly, Rohan confirms this and Rishi objects, stating he won’t allow it. Concerned about Parvati, the Principal urges Lakshmi to allow her daughter to come along.

Parvati reassures her mother that she will take care of herself. After much persuasion, Lakshmi agrees and Parvati expresses her gratitude before joining the Principal in her office. Rohan pleads with Rishi to send him to Gurdaspur, expressing how much it would mean to him. To Rohan’s joy, Rishi agrees and assures him that he will take care of everything. Full of gratitude, Rohan thanks Rishi and heads off to his class. Meanwhile, Rishi decides to personally check the arrangements in the village and asks the Principal for their number.

However, when he calls the Gurdaspur school, Lakshmi answers and asks who is on the line. Despite hearing her voice, they are unable to connect due to a disconnection. Thankfully, Lakshmi picks up the call from the landline when the Principal calls back and reassures them that everything is going smoothly for the exchange program. The Principal then hands over the phone to Rishi who directly speaks with the Gurdaspur principal about any necessary arrangements. With confidence, the Gurdaspur principal assures Rishi that they will ensure his son’s well-being during his stay with them. Parvati excitedly tells Dadi about her upcoming trip to Mumbai while Rohan also shares his recent village excursion with Dadi.

When asked about the village’s name, Rohan admits he has forgotten it. Meanwhile, Shalu questions Lakshmi about sending Parvati to Mumbai and expresses concern about the possibility of her meeting her father Rishi. Lakshmi reassures her that they will not cross paths and asks Shalu to leave the past behind. Rishi and Lakshmi both miss each other. Later, Parvati and Rohan approach Rishi and Lakshmi, with Parvati promising to help reunite them. The next day, Neelam calls Rishi and inquires about their whereabouts. Rishi explains that they are headed to Gurdaspur for a school exchange program, causing Neelam to express apprehension about his intentions.






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