Barsatein 16th February 2024 Written Update Aransh Finale

Barsatein 16th February 2024 Written Update Aransh Finale

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Barsatein 16th February 2024 Written Update Aransh Finale. Aradhna stuns everyone by revealing she overheard Viren and Nita’s plan. Though unconscious during the kidnapping, she escaped and contacted Jagruti. Flashbacks show Jagruti’s concern and Aradhna’s determination. Now, Aradhna exposes Viren’s lies and his framing of Reyansh. Kadambari admits helping Aradhna, leading to a heated confrontation with Viren. Vikram displays a ring found near the crime scene, suspected to belong to the attacker. Jagruti connects it to Kimaya’s cryptic message, hinting at a hidden truth.

Kadambari, already informed by Jagruti, reveals she knows the “boss” mentioned in Kimaya’s message. Flashbacks show her tearful pleas and everyone’s despair. Pooja suspects Jagruti’s involvement, while Vikram vows revenge. Aradhna confronts Viren, highlighting his foolishness compared to Reyansh’s genuine love.

Consumed by guilt and greed, Viren begs forgiveness before resorting to violence, aiming a gun at everyone. Aradhna pleads, but Viren remains fixated on revenge. In a tragic twist, he accidentally shoots and kills Jai instead of Reyansh.

Dying, Jai reveals the truth: Kimaya was already dead when Reyansh arrived, manipulated by Kiki. He apologizes for the lie about his relationship with Bani and expresses his final wish for Reyansh and Aradhna to be together. Nita, overcome with guilt, blames herself for the tragedy.

Three weeks later, Reyansh and Aradhna work together. Despite his upcoming marriage, he’s eager to help at the office. Aradhna playfully sets a condition: good reports from his wife before rejoining preparations. Their interaction hints at a budding romance.

Barsatein 16th February 2024 Written Update Aransh Finale Key points:

1. Aradhna escapes with Kadambari’s help after being framed by Viren.
2. Viren confesses his crimes and attempts suicide by cop.
3. Jai dies with a final confession, revealing the truth about Kimaya’s death.
4. Three weeks later, Reyansh and Aradhna are working together and share a romantic moment.
5. Aradhna sets a playful condition for Reyansh to participate in marriage preparations.


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