Pandya Store Upcoming Natasha's weird proposal to Amrish

Pandya Store Upcoming Natasha’s weird proposal to Amrish

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Pandya Store Upcoming Natasha’s weird proposal to Amrish. The Food and Drug Department officers enter the Makhwana house. The reporters follow and protest against Amrish. Amrish gets worried seeing the media smashing his name and reputation. Dhawal rushes Natasha to the hospital. He gets her treated. She gets angry at him. Amba and Bhaven get worried and fear getting exposed. Amrish asks the media to get out of his house. The reporters create a scene. Amba fails to handle the situation. She didn’t know her plan would backfire. She regrets seeing Amrish lose his goodwill.

She doesn’t want Amrish to suffer a big loss in business. Amrish gets a huge shock when he is informed about the company shares crashing. He says that he has taken a loan from investors, and if the stocks crash then he will be left with nothing. He worries about the fear of going bankrupt and homeless. Amrish shouts that he can’t lose his house. He isn’t aware that Chiku has informed the media about the fake medicines at Pranali’s clinic. Chiku got to know the news from Bhaven, and he used it accordingly to destroy the Makhwanas’ name in the society. He wants to see how Amrish protects his name and goodwill in the business circle.

Amrish turns helpless. He swears to find the person who has pushed him into the mess. Amba suspects Dhawal when Bhaven proves his innocence in the matter. Amba asks Amrish to throw out Natasha of the house. She is against Natasha’s bonding with Hetal, Pranali, and Dolly. She blames Natasha. Dhawal informs Amrish about Natasha’s sickness. He blames Amba and Amrish for Natasha’s condition. He doesn’t want anyone to become Amrish’s puppet from now. He takes a stand for Natasha and Makhwanas Bahus. Natasha comes up with a weird proposal for Amrish to save his sinking business. She asks him to allow his Bahu in a beauty pageant to prove his broad thinking and supporting side towards his family women. She makes a plan to clean Amrish’s stained name and get his lost reputation back. Amrish has no option but to agree with her. Will Amba let Natasha’s plan work?


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