Udaariyaan 16th February 2024 Written Update Raja returns

Udaariyaan 16th February 2024 Written Update Raja returns

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Udaariyaan 16th February 2024 Written Update Raja returns. Rano expresses concern about Aasma’s situation, saying that Armaan loves her but she cannot keep living like this. She trusts that with time, Aasma’s wounds will heal and she will move on with Armaan, who can give her the love and respect she deserves. She pleads for Murtasim to take Aasma away from there for her happiness. However, Murtasim stops her, stating that while he respects Aasma a lot and would do anything for her, he cannot go along with this plan. Emotions overcome him as he tearfully explains his decision. Rano approaches Murtasim and expresses her desire for him to remove Aasma from their current location. Murtasim, with tears in his eyes, respectfully declines, stating that while he holds great admiration for Rano and would even sacrifice his life for her, he cannot go against his principles.

Rano assures him that she and Sukhi are aware of what is right and wrong, and they only have Aasma’s best interests at heart. She then leaves with Sukhi, giving Murtasim the final say in the matter. Aasma expresses her trust in their love and faith in God, assuring Armaan that as long as he is by her side, she has no worries. Alia becomes upset upon seeing them together. Aasma then affectionately embraces Armaan and he reciprocates by declaring his immense trust in her. In the meantime, Alia maliciously sabotages the lights by pulling out the wires. As Aasma notices Alia’s mischievous act, she quickly exits the scene. However, Alia’s troubles seem to escalate when she witnesses someone named Raja outside her window, who then mysteriously vanishes into thin air.

Feeling disturbed and overwhelmed, Alia confides in Aasma who tries to assure her that there is no one outside. Upon finding a note insinuating that someone Alia had hurt in the past was seeking revenge, Aasma cautions her to be vigilant. However, Alia dismisses this warning as nonsense and threatens to expose Aasma’s actions to others. Undeterred, Aasma reminds Alia of her pregnancy and advises her to rest instead of causing more trouble for herself. Aasma thinks the handwriting matches Raja’s. She gets doubtful that Raja has come to scare Alia.

Armaan and Zaid both do pushups, with Armaan demonstrating the correct technique. Aasma then invites Zaid to have some food. He eagerly runs towards her, ready to be fed. Murtasim watches this exchange with a smile on his face. Zaid jokes that if Aasma feeds him like this every day, he’ll end up eating double the amount of food. This brings tears to Murtasim’s eyes as he recalls Rano’s earlier words. Meanwhile, Sukhi approaches Armaan wanting to talk about something important. Armaan curiously asks who Sukhi is taking pictures of, to which Sukhi explains that Ekam informed them that Zaid and Murtasim can’t use their old passports and thus they’ve asked Sunny to make new ones for them. Aasma promises to explain everything to Zaid while Rano suggests looking for a prospective wife for Murtasim. Confused by all this talk, Armaan asks what’s going on. Sukhi reveals that they need to send Aasma to the border and Rano agrees, saying she will go along with her. Baby chimes in, telling Alia that Sukhi and Rano seem to be helping her.

Aasma urges Armaan to understand that it’s a small favor for Zaid, but he refuses. She reminds him that Zaid calls her ‘Ammi’ and asks him to consider her plea because Murtasim saved their lives. Armaan questions if he should sacrifice his life for Murtasim, to which Aasma begs him not to go anywhere and to agree for the sake of Zaid. Overwhelmed with emotion, Armaan finally relents and nods in agreement. Alia then adds that Aasma will most likely never return after this. Rano and Sukhi spot Aasma with Zaid, followed by the arrival of Murtasim. Armaan takes charge of preparing him while Baby praises Rano and Sukhi for their actions.

Aasma volunteers to place the bags in the car, as Alia pretends to be upset. The whole family rushes to her side, concerned about her well-being. Alia vocalizes her pain and everyone urges Armaan to take her to the hospital. He picks her up and carries her there, while Baby watches with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Murtasim can’t help but think how happy Zaid seems with Aasma and wishes she was actually his mother. Ultimately it’s up to Aasma where she would like to stay and he refuses to deceive her in any way. As they all click pictures together, Armaan informs Alia that she is simply experiencing gas trouble according to the doctor’s diagnosis.

She remarks about him being overjoyed at seeing the baby, but he clarifies that he only wants Raja’s child, not her. This leads to an argument and he firmly tells her to stop talking while she points out Aasma’s family photo. An irritated Armaan storms out. He questions the absurdity of the situation before departing in the car. He quickly summons Sunny, urging him to meet without delay. Murtasim comments on Zaid’s strong connection with Aasma, comparing her to his mother. Her face lights up with a smile. Raja is also present at the Gurudwara, causing Aasma to be taken aback upon spotting him.


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