GHKKPM 18th February 2024 Written Update Reeva steps in

GHKKPM 18th February 2024 Written Update Reeva steps in

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GHKKPM 18th February 2024 Written Update Reeva steps in. Reeva approaches Ishaan’s cabin and spots 2 students commemorating Valentine’s Day. As she enters the cabin, she inquires if Ishaan had summoned her. He confirms and offers her a cup of her preferred coffee. Reeva expresses that it is indeed her favorite kind from that day. Ishaan then asks for a favor. Meanwhile, Asmita tearfully makes Durva’s breakfast. Savi suggests she make a smoothie instead, but Asmita worries that Durva may not like it. Savi suggests making vada for herself while Asmita prepares the smoothie. After some consideration, Asmita agrees and Savi starts making the smoothie.

Asmita arranges for Durva’s breakfast to be delivered by a servant and offers vada to Savi. The sight of the vada brings back fond memories for Savi, who recalls Sai making her vada in her childhood. Asmita offers to make another one if it doesn’t look good, but Savi stops her. She shares how much she misses her mother and would give anything to feel her mother’s love again. It’s ironic that a daughter with a mother is disrespecting hers, while another daughter without a mother longs for one.

In a heartwarming gesture, Asmita feeds Savi the vada and embraces her as an aunt would, bringing tears to their eyes. Ishaan reprimands Savi for breaking the house rule and leaving college without permission. Savi accepts her punishment. He informs her that he will educate her every evening. Savi consents and later brings tea for Ishaan while he studies, only to find Reeva already serving him coffee. Savi gets upset seeing Reeva stepping into her life and breaking the bridge between Ishaan and her. Will Savi understand Reeva’s intentions of getting back into Ishaan’s life? Will Savi fall in love with Ishaan? Keep reading for GHKKPM 18th February 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 18th February 2024 Written Update Reeva steps in:

Savi sees the bruises on Asmita’s hand and asks her how she gets hurt. Asmita recalls Nishikant hurting her. Savi asks her to say it. Asmita lies to her about the bruises. She says that it’s a mosquito bite rash. Savi gets confused. Ishaan asks Reeva for a favor. She asks him to not keep formalities between best friends and to tell her the matter. He says that Savi is getting affected in her studies, and she needs help in psychology subject. He requests her to teach Savi at her leisure. Reeva realizes that he called her to ask for a favor for Savi, not to wish her on Valentine. She asks him not to overdo things if he wants any favor. He apologizes and tells her that she is just misunderstanding him. He says that he will make sure to not put her in an uncomfortable situation again.

While Ishaan thinks of some way to help Savi continue her studies, Nishikant and Yashwant try to find a way to stop Savi’s studies. Yashwant wants Savi to sit at home and become a dutiful bahu like Shikha. He checks the rule book and finds a way to stop Savi’s studies. Nishikant asks about the plan. Yashwant asks him to wait and watch. Savi speaks to Harini on a video call. She apologizes to her that she couldn’t come to meet her. She asks Harini to take care. She expresses that she loves Harini a lot. She sits to study. The servant gets Ishaan’s suit and hangs it on the cupboard. Savi finds the suit falling on the floor. Reeva comes to pick it up. Savi asks her when did she come. Reeva says that she just came to help.

Savi knows whatever happened with Reeva in the last couple of days. She wants to apologize to Reeva. Reeva tells her that Ishaan has sent her to teach psychology to Savi. She sees Ishaan’s wardrobe and tells Savi about his disciplined habits. Savi tells her that he will manage her studies. Reeva says that she can explain the subject well. Savi asks her not to force her on Ishaan’s saying. She refuses to take Reeva’s help. Reeva feels hurt. She thinks to inform Ishaan that Savi refused to take her help. She types a message but doesn’t send it, thinking he may get disturbed. She gets angry. Durva asks Reeva if Savi did anything again. Surekha and Durva find Reeva upset. They ask the matter.

Durva checks the message and shows it to Surekha. Surekha says that Ishaan should know that Savi is egoistic. Durva sends the message to Savi. Surekha asks Reeva not to help Savi. Reeva tells them that she agreed to teach Savi at Ishaan’s request but Savi refuses to take her help. She doesn’t care about Savi, but just Ishaan. Surekha warns her against Savi’s cunning behavior. Ishaan comes home to meet Savi and knows the reason for refusing to Reeva. Surekha meets him and scolds him about Savi’s behavior breaking Reeva’s heart. She asks him to meet Reeva first and apologize to her. He goes to meet Reeva. He finds her upset. He says that he will find out why Savi did that. Ishaan goes to Savi and rebukes her for refusing to Reeva. He reminds her that he had sent Reeva to help her, and Savi insulted the former.

Reeva arrives there and asks him not to get angry with Savi. Savi asks Ishaan not to interfere in their conversation. Ishaan asks her to shut up. He asks Reeva to go and not feel insulted by Savi’s words. Reeva goes away. Ishaan asks Savi why she spoke to Reeva rudely. Savi tells him that she refused to take Reeva’s help. She has a reason to refuse. She tells him that she called him many times to explain the reason. She adds that he didn’t think of Reeva before asking for this favor. She feels guilty for Reeva’s sorrow. She doesn’t want Reeva to experience the same sorrow every day. She is angry with Ishaan for his lack of sensitivity. Ishaan calms down when he knows that Savi has done this to keep Reeva away from sorrow. Ishaan feels sorry for hurting Reeva. He decides to teach Savi.


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