Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Purvi squares up

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Purvi squares up

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Purvi squares up. Purvi angrily hits RV and asks him why did she marry him. He tells her that she knows everything, and that she shouldn’t ask this question, Monisha should ask it. He replies that he married Purvi for her sake, respect, and family. He reminds her of what happened that night when the locality people defamed her and stained her character. He adds that he has married her just to save her from character assassination. He says that he has done what he felt was right. She says that he was engaged to Monisha. He tells her that he couldn’t tell the truth to her family, or else she would have lost her name and get blamed for trapping a rich guy. He adds that it wasn’t easy for her to convince his family. She recalls Monisha. He says that it’s about both of them. She asks if he likes Monisha. He says yes.

She feels slapped by his confession. He says that he likes Monisha. She asks if she means anything to him, or is she just a responsibility. He tells her that just Monisha means to him. She asks him how he feels after marrying her, and does he regrets his decision. He says that he feels he made a mistake, he did wrong with Monisha, who deserves his love and faith. He says that Monisha went to complete her studies, but he cheated on her by marrying Purvi. He feels guilty. He reveals his plan of breaking his marriage with Purvi. He doesn’t want to hurt Monisha. He praises Monisha for always supporting him. He asks her not to say anything to Monisha. She tells him that she has no complaints about him.

She wants to know why is he speaking up now after their marriage. She asks what will she do now, and how will she handle her ex. He tells that Monisha isn’t his ex. He asks her to come quickly for the Pagphere rasam. Purvi breaks down. She sees Monisha and asks her what will she do now. Monisha says that she will do what’s best for her and Purvi already knows the answer. RV tells his family that he told the truth to Purvi. Harleen asks RV what will he do now. Dipika isn’t scared of Purvi’s reaction to Monisha and RV’s relationship. Monisha says that she doesn’t care for Purvi’s reaction.

She wants RV to leave Purvi at her home and not get her back, Purvi will be hurt and then Khushi will get hurt, and RV’s revenge will be fulfilled. Harleen doesn’t like this, because they aren’t mean people to hurt a girl’s heart. She feels it’s justified because Khushi has hurt RV a lot. Purvi meets them and feels cheated by the entire family. She thinks nobody told her about Monisha. Harleen performs Purvi’s aarti. Purvi goes out of the house and recalls her Grahpravesh. Purvi asks RV why he promised her that he would always support her. She confronts him for creating this illusion. He tells her that he would have done the same thing for any random girl just to save her from defamation. She asks him if there is no connection between them.

She wants to know if he never liked her. He says no. He asks her not to ask stupid questions. She tells that she has true feelings for him. He says that he likes Monisha. She remembers their meetings and moments. He asks her to sit in the car. They leave. Monisha meets Dipika. She says that she has got what she wanted. Dipika asks her what did she do. Monisha doesn’t want to tell anything. She says that she is scared of losing RV because he is the best. RV drops Purvi to her locality and tells her that he can’t come further to her home. She says that he should have not come along. He says that he is leaving her at this point. She thanks him.


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