Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Shaurya exposed

Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Shaurya exposed

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Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Shaurya exposed. Shaurya asks Palki if she got anything. She says that she got proof of Rajveer’s innocence. She regrets doubting Rajveer. She asks who was dancing with her if Rajveer was locked in the guest room. Shaurya grows worried. On the other hand, Karan has learned two major truths, one that Rajveer is his son and the other thing about Preeta’s memory loss. He meets Preeta outside the hospital. He doesn’t want to put any pressure on her mind or remind her of anything. He tells her that he is always there to help her and that she can call him anytime. He promises to take care of Preeta and Rajveer.

He says that even if he is very busy with his work, he will come to help her leaving everything behind because Rajveer is his son. She looks at him puzzled. Shaurya gets exposed when Palki doubts him on seeing his shoes and confronts him about misbehaving with her just to defame Rajveer and cause their relationship to break. Shaurya finds a way to avoid the suspicions. He doesn’t succeed much, as Palki and Shanaya firm their doubt at Shaurya. How will Shaurya escape this time? Keep reading for Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update.

Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2024 Written Update Shaurya exposed:

Shaurya goes to the monitor room and manages to get the memory chip. He hides before Kavya and family members enter the room. Rajveer checks the system and finds the footage folders empty. Shaurya sees the other memory chip fixed to the processor. He thinks if he got the right one or not. Rajveer checks some recordings. Palki sees Rajveer going to the guest room and someone following him. They see the other person locking Rajveer. Sandy switches off the power to stop them from checking the footage further. Rajveer says that someone has done this purposely. He adds that something is wrong. Karan runs after Preeta.

He gets emotional realizing that Preeta has lost her memory. Preeta asks him why is he crying. She gets worried seeing his tears. She asks what’s the problem. He gets glad seeing her concern, which is still the same, despite the loss of her memory. He feels love for her. He controls his emotions, knowing he is just a stranger to her. He continues to cry. She consoles him. She asks him the reason of his sorrow.

She asks if is there any problem. She wants him to share the problem with her. Karan emotionally embraces her. Preeta is perplexed. She says that she is so sorry to see him so sorrowful. She asks him what’s wrong. She says that she won’t tell his matter to anyone. He tells her that he achieved everything in a moment and then he lost everything. She asks him what he lost. She says that he can share the matter with her because she isn’t his family member. He says that he wishes she was a stranger to him, but she isn’t. He holds her hand and weeps. She is clueless. She asks him what is he saying and why. He tells her that he has lost her. She asks what is he saying. He asks her if he can drop her home.

She agrees just because he isn’t getting consoled by any of her words. He thanks her. Sandy waits for Shaurya’s signal to fix the fuse back. Rajveer tells Palki that he had gone to the guest room and the person who came out of the guest room was wearing shiny shoes. Shaurya checks his shoes. He tries to go out. He stumbles and drops his phone. He gets spotted by them. He lies to them. He asks them if they have any proof. Palki tells him that they have proof of Rajveer’s innocence. She apologizes to Rajveer. She wonders who was the guy dancing with her by wearing Rajveer’s mask and clothes.

Karan drops Preeta home. He asks her to wait until he opens the car door for her. She gets touched by his gesture. Karan feels the same love for her. He just wants to embrace her. He tells her that he will take care of Preeta and Rajveer, and she can call him if she needs any help because he is like her family. He adds that Rajveer is like his son. He asks her not to have any worry. She thanks him. She says that Rajveer can take care of everything. Karan tells her that he will always be around because he has come back to her. He asks her to just call him for anything. She nods to him before making a leave.

Karan weeps knowing her struggles. He wants to go to Rajveer and hug him, then fight with him and scold him for hiding such a big truth from him. He knows that Rajveer always kept him away from Preeta and wants to keep them separated. He wants to know why Rajveer lied to him about Preeta’s memory loss. He goes mad thinking of the reason for Rajveer’s actions. He decides to meet Rajveer and confront him. Preeta tells Gurpreet that she has gone to the hospital to meet Shrishti. She tells Gurpreet that Rajveer has many responsibilities and he has to pay Shrishti’s hospital bills. She also wants to do some job and help Rajveer and Shrishti. She decides to join the hospital. Gurpreet congratulates her on the job offer. Preeta informs her about meeting Karan there.

She shares her amazement about Karan motivating her for the job. She tells him that Karan is a nice person, he wants to take responsibility for Shrishti, Rajveer, and her, but she doesn’t want to take any favors from him. She wants to keep her self-respect. She asks her if Rajveer has come home. Gurpreet says that he will come in sometime. Preeta wants to tell him about the job offer. Varun says that someone had replaced Rajveer in the party, maybe someone wanted to separate Palki and Rajveer and plotted this conspiracy. Kavya asks who would try to do that. Palki says that someone is following their every movement and wants her to break up with Rajveer. She feels sorry for not trusting Rajveer. Rajveer says that it’s not her mistake, the truth has come out but he doesn’t understand who can do this.


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