YRKKH 18th February 2024 Written Update Abhira attacked

YRKKH 18th February 2024 Written Update Abhira attacked

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YRKKH 18th February 2024 Written Update Abhira attacked. Ruhi is glad to meet Manish and Vikas. She enquires about Yuvraj. Manish says that he left in a hurry. Manish and Vikas offer help to Manoj. Ruhi waits for Armaan. She doesn’t want anyone to call Armaan. Abhira tells Armaan that the dancers will come soon. Kaveri asks Abhira about the diyas. Abhira rushes to fix the diyas and blames Armaan. Kaveri finds Abhira a troublemaker. Vidya asks him to go and help Ruhi. She assures him that she will help Abhira. Yuvraj makes an entry into the house in a dancer’s disguise. He looks for Abhira. He picks up Armaan’s phone and reads his message to Abhira. Armaan goes to help Ruhi.

Sanjay is angry that Kajal didn’t stay back for Puja. Krish lectures him while defending Kajal. Sanjay slaps him. He asks Krish not to follow Abhira’s footsteps. Krish answers him. Ruhi smiles when she sees Armaan at the party. Manisha follows Armaan and finds him going with Ruhi. Abhira looks for Armaan. Charu works with Dev for long hours. She says that she finds peace when she is at work. Abhira plans to do something. The lights suddenly go off. Yuvraj finally gets to see Abhira. He gets overjoyed at the sight. Charu informs Dev about the power outage. Dev lights some candles to have dinner. Armaan goes to check the power room.

Sanjay tells Vidya that inverters aren’t getting on. Abhira is worried. Yuvraj thinks to help her. Ruhi ensures that Armaan doesn’t get an electric shock. They get locked in the power room. Kaveri rebukes Abhira for making so many mistakes and spoiling their reputation. She asks Abhira how can she lecture others and not keep her word. Abhira apologizes to Kaveri. Kaveri comments that Abhira doesn’t deserve the toffee. Abhira is upset that Armaan didn’t help her and went to Ruhi. Armaan asks Ruhi how the door got locked when he had put a wooden stick to keep it open. He sees Ruhi holding the stick. He asks her how would they go out. Armaan is worried about Abhira. Ruhi hates his concern for Abhira.

She makes it clear to him that she doesn’t want him to mention Abhira. Yuvraj shocks Abhira by proposing his style. She gets terrified when Yuvraj comes in front of her. He chokes her to stop her from running away. He apologizes for hurting her. He tells her that he is her destination and she should come to him. She asks him to leave her. She shouts for help. Yuvraj says that he is there for her and he can give her anything she wants. He threatens to kill Armaan. Abhira bashes up Yuvraj and makes him run for his life. Yuvraj challenges her to she will come to him and ask him to marry her. Armaan learns about Yuvraj’s attack on Abhira and pacifies her.


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