Anupama 19th February 2024 Written Update New Love

Anupama 19th February 2024 Written Update New Love

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Anupama 19th February 2024 Written Update New Love. Anupama wants to know if Shruti intends to make Anuj fall in love with her. She interprets that Shruti desires to win over Anuj’s heart by emulating herself. This realization stuns Shruti. Anupama warns Shruti against following in her footsteps, as it would only hinder her chances with Anuj. She reminds Shruti to prioritize self-respect above anyone else and not repeat the same mistakes as herself. Anupama reflects on how she prioritized her relationship with no positive outcome, realizing it was a wasted effort. Despite acknowledging that Anuj is a good man, Anupama advises Shruti not to become like her.

Upon recalling Pakhi’s revelation about Titu, Dimpy’s uneasiness grows more. She fears losing her joy to Pakhi’s meddling. In an attempt to separate Dimpy and Titu, Pakhi thinks to do something odd. Excitedly, Shruti tells Anupama that she finally has a genuine friend. Anupama also expresses her willingness to be friends with Shruti but advises her to take her time in deciding, knowing the gravity of the situation. Comforting Shruti with a hug, Anupama suggests that if she is not receiving answers, she should let time take its course.

Later, Titu confronts Dimpy and asks her about the issue at hand as he senses her agitation. However, Dimpy remains speechless and Titu implores her to communicate as he becomes anxious. Yashdeep attempts to distract Anupama’s thoughts, but she tells him that it’s not working. Yashdeep then decides to stay by her side, and Anupama welcomes his friendship. While Yashdeep and Anupama are together, Vikram notices them. In another conversation, Titu questions Dimpy about her feelings for Pakhi, and Dimpy asks Titu to listen to her. However, Titu refuses and asks her to stop hurting him.

This causes concern for Hasmukh, Leela, and Kavya who are thinking about Titu’s situation. Later on, Vanraj comes home and is met with anger from Hasmukh who asks why he is upset. Vanraj confesses that he can’t imagine working with Titu anymore. This leads Hasmukh, Kavya, and Leela to contemplate how they will address the issue of Dimpy and Titu with Vanraj. Kavya also worries about what will happen if Pakhi reveals everything to Vanraj. She knows Pakhi will twist the story and make Dimpy a villain in the story. Dimpy requests Titu to marry Pakhi, but he questions if she truly loves him. Pakhi tries to confide in Vanraj about Titu’s proposal, but Kavya distracts him.

Elsewhere, Anupama and Yashdeep spend quality time together, with Anupama expressing gratitude for his unwavering support and Yashdeep thanking her for being a part of his life. Meanwhile, upon learning that Shruti visited Anupama, Anuj is taken aback. To make matters worse, Shruti decides to call off their marriage and leave the house. Amidst all this drama, Yashdeep surprises Anupama by giving her a salary as a token of appreciation. Has Yashdeep fallen in love with Anupama? Where will the new love stories head?


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