GHKKPM 20th February 2024 Written Update Savi's stand

GHKKPM 20th February 2024 Written Update Savi’s stand

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GHKKPM 20th February 2024 Written Update Savi’s stand. Nishikant asks Ishaan to come to the board meeting, he is late and everyone is waiting. Ishaan apologizes to him. He goes to the board meeting. He apologizes to Yashwant, who taunts that Ishaan is making mistakes because of his new duties as a husband. Ishaan says that he will be on time from now. A board member tells them about a letter published in their magazine. He says that the letter can spoil their name. Nishikant reads the letter aloud to them. They learn about someone’s complaint against Savi who is getting a scholarship despite being the college director’s wife. Yashwant calls it nonsense. He says that the people can’t doubt their intentions and sincerity.

Ishaan says that he got married to Savi two weeks back, and she already had a scholarship. He adds that she earned it by her hard work and she is a deserving student. Yashwant asks Sharma to suggest what to do. Sharma tells him that they should refer rule book before renewing the scholarship. He requests them. Ishaan checks the rule book. He learns that Savi isn’t suitable for a scholarship because she is married in a rich household and doesn’t need any financial aid. Sharma says that Savi’s scholarship will be revoked. He asks Ishaan to fund her studies directly. He says that it will be a big loss if they lose their reputation and funds. Yashwant pretends kind-hearted and supports Savi.

Ishaan understands the matter is serious. Savi thanks the nurse for taking care of Harini. She calculates the loans. She says that she doesn’t want to become a burden on Ishaan. She is relieved that at least she has a scholarship to complete her studies. Nishikant asks Ishaan what should they do. Ishaan suggests that they should remove the rule because it doesn’t make any sense, they can’t snatch a student’s scholarship just because of marital status. He says that the rule should be invalidated so that no other student faces a problem in the future. Yashwant says that they have to follow this rule in the ongoing term, and can change it later.

The board member asks Ishaan to pay Savi’s fees himself or start a new scholarship in her name. Ishaan says that they should handle the matter seriously. Nishikant says that they should just cancel Savi’s scholarship. Yashwant says that it’s Ishaan and Savi’s matter and Ishaan should decide it, thinking about the betterment of the college first. Sharma asks Ishaan to think well and make a decision.

Ishaan rushes home to speak to Savi. He asks her if she is studying. She says that she was noting down the expenses, she will pay back the money he paid for Harini’s medical treatment and use the scholarship amount for her needs. She asks him why he looks disturbed. He says that he has to tell her something and wants her to understand it with a calm mind. She asks him not to scare her. He says that the college board decided such a thing which will directly affect her. He wants to explain to her the reason for that decision. He says that if a student gets married and her financial status changes, then the scholarship gets canceled and is passed on to any deserving student.

He explains to her that the rule will affect her and her scholarship will get revoked. She is troubled by the news. He says that she will not get any help from the college funds. She asks him what does he mean. She wants to know if he has also supported this decision. He says that the decision is taken by the board. She gets upset. He says that her financial status has got better after their marriage and now she isn’t suitable for the scholarship. She says that she isn’t rich and he knows their marriage truth. She wants the scholarship that she had earned through her talent and hard work. She doesn’t want to lose her self-esteem by taking someone’s charity. She wants to talk to the board and get justice.

Ishaan asks her to listen to him. Yashwant feeds the sweets to Surekha. He gives her the good news of revoking Savi’s scholarship to stop her studies. He tells that Ishaan won’t be able to help Savi. He thinks his move will punish Savi and cut her wings. He says that Savi will not be able to complete her studies and her dreams will shatter. Surekha seems satisfied. She wants revenge on Savi. She says that Ishaan is influenced by Savi. She wants to make Savi out of his life. Ishaan asks Savi to stop. She rushes to the college. He asks her what will she tell the board. He says that they got married and it’s the truth, even if their marriage is a compromise.

Savi says that their marriage is just a drama for Harini’s sake. He asks him to tell his family about their namesake marriage. She doesn’t want to lose her scholarship because of their marriage drama. She asks why are the rules posed on her when he knows their marriage is meaningless. She wants her rights. Their argument on the road draws police attention. The inspector misunderstands Ishaan and goes to hit him. Savi takes a stand for Ishaan and tells the police officer that Ishaan is her husband. Ishaan is surprised when Savi acknowledges their marriage.


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