Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2024 Written Update Confession

Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2024 Written Update Confession

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2024 Written Update Confession. Harman asks Harleen why there is a party going on at home. Even Vikrant asks them about the occasion. Harleen asks him why did he get so late. Vikrant says that they were busy with RV’s marriage and missed many work tasks. Harman asks why are they celebrating. Vikrant knows that they aren’t celebrating RV’s marriage. Dipika tells them that it’s a special occasion, RV’s revenge is fulfilled and they are happy for him, Khushi hurt him a lot but today his pain will end. Harleen wants her son to get rid of the pain.

She asks them to look at Monisha, who is perfect for RV. She praises Monisha for handling everything. RV arrives home and gets a surprise from Monisha. Monisha embraces RV and welcomes home. She says that he deserves a celebration after fulfilling his revenge. She asks him if isn’t he happy or if is he feeling guilty for abandoning Purvi. She questions him if he still has Khushi on his mind. She wants to know what’s wrong. Prachi stays worried for Purvi. Khushi says that they should give some time to Purvi. She thinks to speak to Purvi. The family members think Purvi is saddened for some reason. Prachi wants to know what’s the matter bothering Purvi so much. Purvi comes out of her room and asks for tea.

Prachi says that she will make her favorite ginger tea. Vishaka asks Purvi what’s the matter and why she appears so sad. Ashok says that Prachi has sensed her trouble. He also thinks there is something wrong with Purvi. Manpreet asks her not to get scared and to speak her heart. Prachi asks Purvi why she stayed alone in the room all day. She wants to know why didn’t RV come home. The family members try hard to break Purvi’s silence. Purvi stays tight-lipped about RV’s cheat. She is afraid that the truth will hurt her family. They urge her to share the sorrow instead of dealing with everything alone. Purvi feels sorry for hurting them. She remembers RV’s confession.

Purvi tells them that she had a fight with RV on some matter. They enquire about the reason for the fight. Purvi cooks up a story and tells them that she argued with RV when he didn’t wear the shirt of her choice and asked him not to come home with her. She lies to them just to save them from sorrow. Vishaka says that it’s a little thing and it will get sorted soon. Purvi heads to her room and weeps thinking of RV. Khushi reaches her and finds her crying. She asks her to share the matter with her. Purvi is scared to reveal anything, knowing Prachi has much faith in RV.

She tells Khushi that she was very happy with the marriage, RV pretended to be a nice person, and Prachi was hopeful that RV’s family is nice and will give her much happiness, but the truth is something else. She reveals that RV and his family are different. She tells Khushi that RV’s family is deceptive. Khushi asks her if they have misbehaved with her. Purvi says that she felt she is unwanted in the family. She doesn’t know how to tell this to Prachi. Prachi gets tea for Purvi. She asks Purvi to tell her what is she hiding. Purvi says that she was missing Prachi a lot. She wants to be with Prachi. She refuses to go back to RV’s house. Prachi tells her that she is always there with her. Khushi’s heart sinks.

Prachi asks Purvi to have tea. Khushi tells Purvi that she wants to tell her something about RV. Purvi asks what is it. Prachi tells Manpreet that Purvi and RV have some big problems between them. Vishaka says that Purvi is sensitive and maybe she is hurt by some petty issue. Prachi says that RV is sensible and supportive. She doesn’t know why RV behaved so immature. Vishaka says that men have big egos. Prachi doesn’t want Purvi’s relationship to get spoiled. Vishaka asks her to think positively. Manpreet also fears for Purvi’s future.


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