GHKKPM 21st February 2024 Written Update Savi's job

GHKKPM 21st February 2024 Written Update Savi’s job

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GHKKPM 21st February 2024 Written Update Savi’s job. Savi confronts Ishaan for not informing the board that once Harini regains consciousness, they will end the fake marriage. She questions why he kept this information to himself. He couldn’t tell the truth to the board, because it’s too personal and their image could suffer more. He doesn’t want to make a mockery of their relationship. Savi insists on spreading this news to everyone in the college. However, Ishaan stops her and requests her to return with him. As they argue on the road, the police mistake Ishaan for causing trouble and accuse him of harassing a woman.

They even attempt to hit him, but Savi intervenes and asks the inspector what he is doing. The inspector then questions if Ishaan is harassing Savi instead. Savi clarifies that he is her husband, leaving the cops surprised at their relationship status. The inspector advises them to take their argument home rather than create a scene on the road. Ishaan pulls Savi aside and explains that even if she tells the truth, their marriage cannot be undone and it will only harm the Bhosle family’s reputation. Savi inquires how this can damage their family’s reputation.

Ishaan reminds her of the upcoming reception and how if she reveals their marriage is soon to end, the Bhosle family will become a laughingstock. He suggests calming down and finding another solution. Surekha entrusts Durva and Anvi with planning Ishaan and Savi’s reception, which they initially decline. However, Surekha insists it must be done for the sake of the Bhosle family. Later, Surekha delivers some positive news to Durva, Anvi, and Reeva – Savi has lost her scholarship. This news brings joy to Durva. Reeva tells Surekha that Savi is not the type to remain calm, to which Surekha responds by stating that Savi will be unable to take any action.

Later, Surekha informs Reeva that Ishaan and Savi’s reception is only two days away and offers for her to stay at their farmhouse if she doesn’t want to be present. Reeva agrees to stay here instead. Surekha hopes that Reeva and Ishaan will reconcile as a married couple. Following this, Ishaan hands a cheque to Savi, who refuses it due to concerns about her self-respect. Ishaan tries to persuade Savi but she stands firm in her decision. Eventually, he tears the cheque and tosses it in the air, prompting a reaction from Savi. In turn, Ishaan comments on Savi before leaving the scene. That night, Savi spends the entire time searching for part-time jobs and receives a call early the next morning for an interview.

In the upcoming episode, Savi takes a stand for her future and studies. Surekha halts Savi as she prepares to depart, reiterating that she is not authorized to leave the premises. Savi clarifies that while she promised not to go to the college, it does not apply to other locations. She explains that she lost her scholarship and needs to gather funds to cover it. Savi has to arrange her college fees somehow, and can’t sit at peace waiting for someone to make a charity. Savi keeps her self-respect. Ishaan understands Savi well. He watches Surekha and Savi’s argument. Surekha turns to the others and questions who Savi believes herself to be. Surekha starts demeaning Savi. Savi finally takes a job at a café to support her studies. Will Ishaan support Savi? Keep reading.


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