Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update Disclosure

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update Disclosure

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update RV’s party. Khushi tells Purvi that she wants to stop her marriage and she had come on the marriage day as well, but she failed to reach Purvi on time. Monisha asks RV to call Khushi and invite her to their party. She asks him to show their happiness to Khushi. Purvi tells Khushi that she doesn’t want to go back to RV’s house. Khushi embraces Purvi and consoles her. She feels guilty for Purvi’s life disaster. She wishes RV never came into their lives. She can’t forgive him. Monisha pushes RV to call Khushi home. What will RV do? Keep reading for Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update.

As seen before, Purvi expresses her happiness about marrying RV. She thought he was her protector. She felt he would always stand by her and become her strength, but nothing much happened. RV has become a source of sorrow for her. She also shares that their family was pleased with the union and hoped that RV’s family would love her as much as they do. However, she soon realizes that RV’s family is not what they appear to be. Khushi inquires if anyone mistreated her there, to which Purvi responds with a sense of detachment that she simply doesn’t fit in. Prachi notices Purvi crying and asks the reason behind it with concern.

Expressing her love for Prachi, Purvi only wishes to stay with her. When asked if there is any other reason for her tears, Purvi denies it, causing Prachi to leave. Khushi then confides in Purvi about something regarding RV. Manpreet inquires about Prachi’s worried expression. Prachi expresses her concern that Purvi may be concealing the true cause, speculating that something major could have taken place between RV and Purvi. She notes that RV is not one to stay away from the house over a minor matter. Manpreet nods in agreement.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update Disclosure:

Khushi informs Purvi that she wants to share something important about RV. Curious, Purvi asks her to go on. However, Khushi hesitates as she recalls RV’s warning – if she were to reveal the truth, he would release a damaging MMS which could ruin her life. Despite this threat, Khushi musters up the courage and admits that she had tried to stop her marriage with RV, and even showed up at Purvi’s wedding, but it was too late. She apologizes for any role she may have played in Purvi’s current predicament and blames herself for it. RV inquires with Monisha about the reason for the party, to which she responds that it is for him.

As the guests arrive and offer their congratulations, RV turns to his family and asks them the same question. Vaishali explains that the celebration is in honor of RV’s successful completion of his revenge against Purvi by leaving her. Monisha joins RV and invites him to dance with her. They sway to a romantic melody as Vikrant and Deepika take over the dance floor next. Upon returning home, Dada ji, Dadi, and Yug are initially confused about the party but join in on the fun and start dancing along with everyone else. After the dance, Dada Ji inquires about the reason for the party.

Monisha responds by saying it’s due to Khushi. Confused, Dada ji asks for clarification from Monisha. Vaishali quickly interjects, explaining that RV landed a significant project. Dada Ji proceeds to offer his congratulations to RV. RV brings Monisha along, who urges him to seek more vengeance against Khushi. She suggests that Purvi may have withheld the truth from her family to spare them pain. Monisha proposes that RV should contact Khushi and invite her over, so they can share the news of Purvi’s downfall. However, RV objects, stating that it would be inappropriate to involve Khushi in their plans. Confused by his sudden change of heart, Monisha asks what has caused him to feel this way.

She asks if he has a soft corner for Khushi and Purvi. She reminds him that his revenge is exacted and he should be happy in his heart. Purvi and Khushi wonder about the whereabouts of their family members, speculating that they may have gone to RV’s house. They also consider the possibility that their absence is due to being offended by something. Prachi arrives later and explains that they actually went to the temple. Purvi then expresses her reluctance to go to RV’s house, to which Khushi offers comfort. Dada ji thanks all the guests for attending the party and Yug informs them that they will soon celebrate with cake.

Dada ji then announces that they are celebrating because RV has successfully landed a major project after much hard work. He suggests cutting the cake as a way of commemorating this achievement. Deepika asks RV if he is happy now that Purvi is no longer in his life, but he admits he still feels unsettled and unsatisfied. What is on RV’s mind? Stay tuned.


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