Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update Blunder

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Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update Blunder. Rajveer meets Anshuman. He shows his interest in joining hands with Anshuman and working against Karan Luthra. He plans to ruin Karan’s business. Anshuman says that his offer is still on. He asks Rajveer to join him and they can easily tackle Karan. Preeta is scared by the thundering. She says that the strong winds are making her heart tense. She prays to Matarani that no storm comes into her life now. She says that things got fine with much difficulty and she doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Rajveer makes a deal with Anshuman. He says that they both will ruin Karan Luthra and bring him to the ground. Anshuman smirks while offering a drink to Rajveer. Rajveer makes a big blunder to join hands with Karan’s enemy. Will he realize Karan’s never-ending love for Preeta and forgive him? Keep reading for Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update.

As seen before, Karan fails to meet Rajveer, when Bani informs him about Rakhi’s pain. Rajveer constantly reminds himself of his dislike for Karan, believing that Preeta is suffering because of him while Karan enjoys a carefree life. His attention is then drawn to Anshuman’s card and he decides to meet with him. Curious, Karan asks Rakhi what’s going on. She shares her concern that something bad may happen, mentioning that Preeta didn’t recognize her in a dream and questioning how that could be possible.

Overcome with fear and tears, Rakhi confides in Dadi who dismisses the dream as mere imagination. Nidhi chimes in, asserting that dreams do not always come true. Despite the reassurance, Rakhi can’t shake off the feeling that something terrible has happened. Recalling the doctor’s news about Preeta’s memory loss, Karan tries to calm Rakhi down by dismissing it as just a dream. He sends Dadi away and encourages Rakhi to rest. But she remains worried about her ominous dream turning into reality.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update Blunder:

Rakhi asks Karan if she should believe the dream. Karan says that dreams don’t turn real, she should just relax her mind and forget it. He feels Rakhi has seen a true dream, but he can’t tell her anything about Preeta. He doesn’t want to give any sorrow to Rakhi. He tells her that Preeta will always remember her, that relationships matter more than a person’s memory and that love doesn’t let anyone forget each other. He asks her to try to sleep. On the other hand, Rajveer reaches Anshuman’s house. He asks him if he is joking about destroying Karan or if the offer is true. Anshuman says that he was waiting for Rajveer. He adds that his offer is still on and he is ready to make a deal with him. They join hands and decide to destroy Karan. Anshuman offers a drink to him. Rajveer goes with the flow and picks an alcohol bottle to gulp. He says that he will meet Anshuman tomorrow. Anshuman is glad to find a friend in Karan’s enemy.

Karan gets tired from the hectic day which brought much pain for him. He says that his life has changed and he feels everything is over. He feels lonely. He has nobody with him to share his sorrow and understand his pain. He falls short of breath. He weeps in isolation. He says that a new hope could have come into his life, but darkness has entered his life. He doesn’t feel willing to live after losing Preeta. He is scared of losing Preeta and Rajveer. He wants to know why did this happen in his fate. He adds that he can’t tolerate this pain. He gathers courage in his shaken condition. He says that he feels broken within. Nidhi arrives there and apologizes to him for surprising him on Valentine’s Day.

She explains to him that she misunderstood his feelings after the bank robbery incident. She asks him not to worry, Girish will clean the room. She goes to get some water for him. Gurpreet calls up Karan to find Rajveer’s whereabouts. She tells him that Rajveer didn’t come home till now. He says that Rajveer left late and he will arrive home sometime. He asks her about Preeta. He requests her to take care of Preeta. She tells him that Preeta is sleeping right now. She doesn’t know that Preeta is still awake, waiting for Rajveer. Preeta prays that her life doesn’t face any new storm. Karan isn’t affected by the storm, because he is already dealing with a storm inside his heart.

Preeta worries for Rajveer. She falls asleep while waiting for him. Rajveer wanders on the road in a drunken state. He is affected by Preeta’s pain and suffering. He wants Karan to pay a price for every tear of Preeta. Preeta wakes up and looks for Rajveer. She calls him up. Palki finds Rajveer walking in the lane. She asks him where was he. She apologizes to him. She tells him that she feels someone tried to separate them. She is scared to think of losing Rajveer. Rajveer cries profusely. She asks him if he is okay. She finds him drunk. He tells her that Karan has done much wrong with him. He calls Karan a bad person. He says that he had seen Karan hugging Nidhi. She asks why is he saying bad about Karan.

He says that Karan has made a good image in front of the world. He adds that he hates Karan. She asks him to stop blabbering. He tells her that he can’t go home and cover up his pain. He wants to share his feelings with someone. He says that he wants to speak to someone who already knows about his past. He runs away from there. Palki is clueless about his past. Girish cleans the room. Nidhi takes care of Karan. She apologizes to him for imposing her love. She promises to not trouble him again. She says that he can speak to her and share his heart. He asks her to stop apologizing. She goes away.

Palki tells Shanaya that Rajveer got drunk, he has much pain in his heart and she feels Luthras are a reason for his pain. Shanaya says that Luthras are his bosses and maybe he doesn’t like them. Palki says that it’s personal. Shanaya tells him that Shaurya and Rajveer don’t get along well. Palki doubts Karan. Shanaya asks her to stop thinking in the wrong direction. Palki stays disturbed thinking of Rajveer. Preeta tells Gurpreet that she is going to Luthra’s house to get Rajveer. Gurpreet tells her that she already spoke to Karan, who said Rajveer already left. Preeta asks her to call him again. Karan answers the call. He identifies Preeta’s voice. She tells him that Rajveer didn’t come home till now. She is worried for her son.

Karan tells her that Rajveer left sometime back. She tells him that he has promised to take care of Rajveer and her. He remembers it. She asks him if he will take care of Rajveer. He says that he will protect Rajveer, he will find Rajveer, and bring him home. She thanks him. Preeta pins her hopes on Karan. She finds it strange that she trusts Karan. Gurpreet can’t tell her that Preeta is Karan’s wife. She wishes Karan and Preeta unite. Karan wants to take care of Preeta and Rajveer. He knows Rajveer will never accept his help. He goes to find Rajveer.


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